FOVEX Measure3D – Now with Enhanced Graphical Interface for More Efficient Workflow

Lustdorf / Switzerland, 4 October 2012 – FOVEX Measure3D is a combination of a super fast high resolution 360° panorama camera and innovative software that allow accurate measurement and CAD modelling directly within the images. FOVEX Measure3D is revolutionary because it allows significant savings in field and office work, thereby multiplying productivity.

With growing complexity and completeness of the FOVEX Measure3D software, it has become important to optimize its graphical interface and the underlying geometry engine. This optimization has several objectives.

First of all, the available functions are now grouped by views, so only the relevant tools are available for selection. This is particularly important to allow easy introduction to the software for first-time users and for generally creating a more fluid interaction.

Secondly, most often used processes have become automated, such as labelling of corresponding image points, automated zoom and pan and scaling of the entire project. Even more importantly, the computation of 3D coordinates for corresponding image points are now run in the background on the fly requiring no interaction by the user anymore.

Third, the image visualization for zooming, panning or when working with multiple images responds now much faster. It also integrates new filters for image enhancement such as image normalization and equalization, allowing to recognise shapes more easily.

Fourth, 3D graphical overlays can now be customized in colour, shape, size and choice of font. This is helpful to adjust the overlays for visibility in bright or dark backgrounds.

These changes together with the new CAD capabilities of FOVEX Measure3D increase time efficiency and convenience for the user.

FOVEX Measure 3D with the new graphical interface is available for sale as of today. For more information please contact the FOVEX team by email or by phone.