Gexcel Srl Launches Lidar Streaming Cloud Software and Services

4 September, 2012, Brescia, Italy- In preparation for this year’s Intergeo conference, Gexcel Srl has released its newly developed lidar point cloud streaming cloud-enabled-server software. The gexcel R3Xtream® Point Cloud Engine software provides web browser based visualization access to virtually unlimited size point clouds on stand alone workstations and network servers. For organizations without an appropriate internet serving environment, Gexcel Srl also can provide fully scalable and secure cloud services.

The gexcel R3Xtream® Point Cloud Engine provides data serving and sharing of unlimited pointcloud and image scan sizes concurrently to multiple users, unhampered by most bandwidth speed limitations. Combined with Gexcel Srl’s powerful JRC 3D Reconstructor® analysis software full feature extraction, surface rendered solid images and analysis can be executed with metadata, vector and raster layers easily stored for later use in CAD packages. The gexcel R3Xtream® Point Cloud Engine is especially well suited to large enterprise environments employing sensor fusion of mobile mapping, tripod mounted terrestrial and airborne lidar combined projects. The JRC 3D Reconstructor® package also provides full functionality to incorporate almost any type of external camera capture device so that the imagery can be directly calibrated and incorporated into existing lidar systems and projects.

About Gexcel Srl
Gexcel Srl has a rich history spanning more than 10 years of proven fully featured lidar and imagery analysis software packages with the JRC 3D Reconstructor®, completely compatible with all terrestrial, mobile and airborne scanners from manufacturers such as Faro, Leica, MDL, Optech, Riegl, Trimble and Z+F. Gexcel Srl’s is a spin off company of the University of Brescia, established in 2007 from the academic know-how of the University and the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra (Italy). Gexcel Srl’s is proud to support all major standard formats such as the ASTM E57 and LAS.

See Gexcel Srl at Intergeo 2012 in Hannover, Germany, Hall 9 Stand A.35

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