Phase One iXA Aerial Camera System Now Fully Compatible with Track’Air Flight Management Systems

Solution Enables Increased Airtime Efficiency

Copenhagen, August 28, 2012 – Phase One Industrial, a leading manufacturer and provider of medium format aerial and industrial digital photography equipment, today announced that the Phase One iXA aerial camera system is now fully compatible with Track’Air’s line of innovative Flight Management Systems.

Track’Air suite of Flight Management Systems streamline and accelerate both the preparation and execution of airborne missions, optimizing all aspects of flying an airborne project, including data and image collection for planning, digitizing, flight planning, airborne image acquisition and final data archiving. The systems thus greatly reduce the operational costs associated with aerial surveys and aerial image collection.

Dov Kalinski, General Manager of Phase One Industrial said, "Working with Track’Air Flight Management Systems enables the iXA to deliver greatly increased levels of efficiency and productivity. Now the iXA not only provides the highest image quality and detail, but it also offers operators the tools to optimally plan and execute airborne projects."

The Phase One iXA aerial camera is an integrated medium format camera system that was designed from the ground up exclusively for aerial photography. Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, the iXA is built to meet the exacting needs of aerial photography and streamline the entire capture and processing workflow. The camera is a major addition to the current aerial implementations that Phase One already provides to partners in the industry. With a choice of 80 megapixel or 60 megapixel models, the iXA is designed to easily incorporate into existing or new systems, making it the perfect solution for integrators or end users looking for a rugged, high-quality industrial-grade aerial camera system.

About Phase One Industrial
Phase One Industrial is a division of Phase One dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of specialized industrial camera systems and equipment. Phase One Industrial camera systems are built specifically for industrial applications such as aerial photography, fine art reproduction and machine vision, and provide advanced hardware and imaging soft- ware solutions that meet the unique requirements of their users. For more information please visit

About Track’Air
Over the last 15 years, Track’Air has created a comprehensive line of Flight Management Systems, Camera Systems, Displays and Camera Mounts to fit the needs of the ever changing airborne data acquisition industry. It has been Track’Air’s passion to create diverse, uncompli- cated, and dependable systems for the ever evolving aerial survey industry. This has allowed Track’Air to maintain superiority by creating new software and hardware solutions for the innovative applications and uses within this industry. For more information, please visit http://