LiDAR Services Awarded South Dakota Wide Area LiDAR Mapping Project

August 8, 2012 – Las Vegas, Nevada – LiDAR Services, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada, the wholly owned US subsidiary of LiDAR Services International, Calgary, Alberta, has been awarded a major contract for wide-area airborne LiDAR mapping in South Dakota adjacent to the Mount Rushmore National Park. The LiDAR survey is scheduled to be flown summer 2012.

“We are extremely pleased with the award of this project,” said  Dan Phillips, Chief Business Officer with LiDAR Services, LLC. “Our client had very specific standards for LiDAR and digital imagery data capture with very high requirements for accuracy and custom project deliverables and we were able to put together a LiDAR program that met all of the tender specifications and all within the specified budget.” Since opening our US subsidiary on July 28, 2011, LiDAR Services, LLC has completed a number of NERC related LiDAR and imagery surveys for US based electrical utility companies. This wide-area mapping survey allows us to deploy our state-of-the-art aerial LiDAR mapping system to provide the precise and exacting engineering surveying needs of our growing list of US clients.”

About LiDAR Services, LLC:
LiDAR Services, LLC is a global leader in airborne LiDAR services, performing engineering level LiDAR surveys across the globe from the high-Arctic to the jungles of Borneo. LiDAR Services, LLC operates two helicopter-based LiDAR systems and one fixed-wing system. What differentiates LiDAR Services, LLC from other mapping companies is their single-minded commitment to their client’s project, their unequalled experience, knowledge, technical expertise, innovation and customized survey solutions and services. For more information contact Dan Phillips at 888-870-9972,