FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner Wins Red Dot Design Award

The Focus3D from FARO is the first laser scanner to carry the red label of the coveted red dot design awards. The jury was impressed by its efficient measuring technology, an amazingly compact format, high user-friendliness and clear, high-quality design.

Korntal-Münchingen, August 2012. The FARO Focus3D Laser Scanner was able to prevail in the “Industry and Crafts” product category of the renowned red dot design award contest. This year, 4,500 products in 19 different categories were submitted. The products were evaluated in terms of level of innovation, functionality and quality of self-explanation, formal quality and longevity. The jury teams thoroughly examined and tested the products on-site.

The Focus3D impressed due to its extremely powerful and accurate three-dimensional measurement method, which offers numerous advantages compared with conventional measurement systems. By means of three dimensional scanning of surfaces, the laser scanner can record all spatial and surface geometry with millimetre accuracy with approximately one million measurement points per second. Much less time is spent in data recording, compared with other measurement methods. The resulting colour image of 3D measurement points shows an exact digital reproduction of existing conditions. Detailed 2D and 3D plans and complete 3D models can be created in a very short time with the precise data.

The compact size of the laser scanner was decisive for the award. It only measures 24 x 20 x 10 cm and weighs a mere 5 kg. The Focus3D is thus highly mobile and usable at almost any location. In addition, it can be set up within a very short time. The latest laser scanner model, the Focus3D S, can also be remotely controlled over WLAN. That makes use easier, especially in hard-to-reach places. In addition, laser scanner operation is intuitive, because the touch screen display resembles normal digital camera displays and is clearly arranged. The 3D data generated can be imported effortlessly into popular CAD software solutions and further processed.

The FARO laser scanner is, for example, suitable for numerous applications in architecture, engineering and the real estate industry. It offers especially large benefits in conversion and renovation work, because it quickly and reliably records existing buildings or structures. It creates the basis for comprehensive and seamless building documentation. The precision of the data and the high speed of data capture also provide new potential in the recording of building sites and quality assurance in new buildings. Beyond these purposes, the Focus3D also supports monument inventory preparation, tunnel and facilities construction, archaeological work and forensics.

In addition to the red dot design award, the Focus3D has already been awarded an innovation prize for architecture and construction this year.

You can find a short video about the Focus3D and its operation on the red dot design awards website at: http://de.red-dot.org/2801.html?&cHash=01f7d0cd682e026be295781c189b73cf&detail=9780

About FARO
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