Eastern Iowa Airport eALP Approved

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, July 25, 2012 – AeroMetric added to its growing airport mapping portfolio with the completion of the electronic Airport Layout Plan (eALP) for the Eastern Iowa Airport. This two-runway regional airport in Cedar Rapids can handle a million passengers annually. Cedar Rapids has a unique place in the history of flight. As boys, the Wright brothers lived six miles from the airport location, and first experimented with flight here.

AeroMetric, working as a sub-consultant to AECOM, submitted quality and geodetic control plans, an imagery plan, and flight plans through the FAA’s Airports GIS website. Acquired aerial photography was used for photogrammetric mapping and obstruction analysis. A National Geodetic Survey (NGS) review confirmed the accuracy of AeroMetric’s data, which is critical for flight operation safety.

The final planimetric maps incorporated detailed feature attribution. Orthophotography was provided at a one-foot pixel resolution for the project area, and 3-inch pixel resolution for the entire 2,600 acre airport property. In addition, AeroMetric oversaw the ground capture and field verification of all navaids and other critical existing features. All work and deliverables were produced in compliance with the latest FAA AC 150/5300 guidelines.

Elliott Lindgren, associate vice president with AECOM, said, “The Eastern Iowa Airport eALP was a great project and the long-standing relationship we have with AeroMetric really helped us execute it efficiently.”

“The Eastern Iowa Airport eALP project team was asked to meet challenging schedules and deliverables. Due to the existing crops on the airport property flights were required during a leaf on and a leaf off condition. Timely communication regarding coordination of deliverables among the team members was needed to insure efficiency and accuracy,” said Bob Vander Meer, AeroMetric vice president. “We worked closely with Eastern Iowa Airport and AECOM, and together created a seamless project flow. Once again, we have demonstrated that communication and dedication between team members and the owner leads to excellent results.”

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