City of Philadelphia Proactive in Americans with Disabilities Act

Philadelphia, PA; July 26, 2012: July 26th marks the 22nd Anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Signed into law in 1990, the ADA ensures that every American, regardless of their disability, can reasonably participate in all aspects of society. The ADA has paved the way for individuals to gain access to their destinations, from buildings and entry ways to sidewalks and parking lots.

The City of Philadelphia has undertaken massive efforts to ensure the ADA federal standards are properly in place. Since early 2010, the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT review teams have worked together to approve approximately 2,500 ramps in Philadelphia County. An additional 2,000 ramps were approved as a result of state projects in Philadelphia. This week, the City has contracted with Dawood Engineering to support those efforts. Dawood will be leading a team, comprised of McCormick Taylor, UCI Architects, and Hunt Engineering, to review and design ADA ramps on an on-call basis.

“Dawood has a great deal of expertise and experience working on similar projects from recent ADA review teams in the City and statewide. Philadelphia is one of the nation’s largest cities, and an important destination for visitors. We are proud to be working directly with the City of Philadelphia to help the birthplace of our nation to be accessible to all,” stated Bony Dawood, President.

Dawood may also be called upon to prepare ADA related technical manuals, perform field survey, public involvement surveys, and conduct educational training services for City personnel. The team is cognizant of the prominent historic nature of the City that attracts millions of tourists each year, with its structures and cobblestone sidewalks.
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