Sidwell Assists Lincoln County, New Mexico in Implementing Esri’s Local Government Information Model

St. Charles, IL – The Lincoln County Assessor’s office sought to modernize its GIS and land records workflows by migrating its cadastral data from a tile-based CAD mapping system to a seamless countywide Esri Geodatabase. Together, Sidwell and the County entered into a contract to perform these services.

Before the County and Sidwell could embark on the data conversion services, it was vital that existing parcel maintenance workflows were reviewed. To that end, Sidwell performed a GIS workflow and data analysis within the assessor’s office to determine the best workflows and data model to fit the needs of the County. The recommendations were then presented to the County and the best path was determined to modernize the County’s GIS.

The County became an early adopter Esri’s Local Government Information Model (LGIM) and is the very first of its kind in the state of New Mexico. The original CAD files were first moved into a georeferenced environment, validated, and cleaned for topology. Next, they were converted to the parcel fabric, which is the latest parcel modeling technology in the Esri geodatabase. The County’s extended parcel fabric includes parcel, lot, subdivision, and block features, while many additional features were brought into the LGIM geodatabase. Finally, enhanced editing workflows were established for the County mappers to maintain the parcel fabric efficiently and accurately.

The County also utilizes Sidwell’s Parcel Builder-Administrator (PBA), the centerpiece to an integrated land records maintenance suite. PBA, while adhering to the unique State standards for parcel number generation, became the sole source for all parcel number generation within the County. PBA is integrated with the County’s Triadic, Inc. tax system to ensure synchronization of parcel entry between the map and tax systems.

The County also received several days of professional service training to not only utilize its new parcel geodatabase and integrated land records management system, but to also perform several critical tasks with GIS by aiding the development of addressing, zoning, and building footprint layers.

The final step in the project was to provide the constituents of Lincoln County with access to the newly converted and enhanced data. Sidwell has implemented its GIS web solution, Portico, at Lincoln County. Sidwell will host the site and allow the public easy and fast access to query and analyze the land records information via a web browser.

Lincoln County is now able to manage their cadastral GIS utilizing the latest in mapping technology. They have streamlined the parcel maintenance workflows and have integrated the process of managing the GIS and CAMA data. They are now able to easily deploy accurate and reliable data to the public via their website and to their staff in the field.

Our mapping system has grown by leaps and bounds. We are now able to produce wonderful colored maps for our constituents and share data with other governmental departments that we were unable to in the past. This data sharing is vital when a natural disaster happens as has happened here in June of 2012. We are also able to add data layers to our current mapping system, which is a key component for other offices within Lincoln County. The Sidwell Company has provided excellent training and technical support for our GIS department.
-Paul Baca, Lincoln County, NM Assessor

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