Russian SBAS Satellite Begins Transmissions

Luch-5A, the Russian geostationary communications satellite that carries a System for Differential Correction and Monitoring (SDCM) transponder, has started transmitting GPS corrections according to Javad Ashjaee, CEO of Javad Navigation Systems. He has reported that L1 signals using PRN code 140 have been received by Javad receivers today and used to compute code-differential positions. Only GPS corrections are being received currently, no GLONASS corrections.

As previously reported through CANSPACE, Luch-5A was recently repositioned to 95 degrees east longitude in an apparent switch of positions with Luch-5B, scheduled for launch later this year. Now, it appears, Luch-5A is using the PRN code previously assigned by the Global Positioning Systems Directorate to Luch-5B.