National Geodetic Survey RTN Symposium Scheduled for July Has Been Canceled

We’re sorry to say that the July symposium has been canceled, with the hope of rescheduling in the very near future.

Approximately three weeks ago, in response to Congressional directives, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) sent out a government-wide memo placing a “hold” on all conference procurements. Unfortunately this included our RTN Symposium which was in the final stage of procurement of the conference hotel. The OMB memo, which is obviously in reaction to the widely publicized GSA conference abuses, promised new guidance for conference procurement and travel. This guidance, which would likely require additional time and effort causing further delays, has still not been arrived. We have passed the point where the conference hotel could hold our rooms and facilities in anticipation of a contract. Consequently our July RTN Symposium is canceled.

Since there was such a high level of interest in this symposium, we hope to reschedule for the Fall. That should hopefully allow enough time for this new guidance to arrive and for us to adapt to it. We will also try to keep the symposium in Memphis. This has been frustrating and embarrassing for us and we deeply regret the inconvenience this has caused. We appreciate your interest and hope that you will be able to support this important discussion on many matters of mutual concern when it is rescheduled.

Gerald L. Mader – Chief, Geosciences Research Division
William Henning – Geodesist, Spatial Reference System Division