Version 2.6 of BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) Published

A new version of the ‘BKG Ntrip Client’ (BNC, v2.6) is available from New features are:

• Support of latest RTCM SSR standard
• Support of latest draft for RTCM MSM standard incl. Galileo
• PPP also in Post Processing mode
• Quick-start mode for PPP
• Correction for antenna eccentricities
• SP3 and clock RINEX output
• RINEX v2/v3 editing, concatenation and conversion
• Combination of broadcast corrections
• Upload of broadcast correction and broadcast ephemeris streams
• SSL/TLS support of Ntrip version 2
• Reading all configuration options from command line

Linux, Windows and Mac systems are supported. The source code is available from the subversion software archive at Our plans are to have another version ready before the IGS Workshop in Poland with some support of QZSS and COMPASS. We also hope to have RINEX v3 QC functionality in BNC before the end of the year.

Email [igs-ip @] for comments, suggestions or bug reports.

Georg Weber & Leos Mervart

Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG), Frankfurt, Germany & Czech Technical University (CTU) Prague, Department of Geodesy