Altus Positioning Systems Supplies High-Precision GNSS Technology for DigPilot Machine Control Systems

Torrance, Calif. – May 24, 2012 – Altus Positioning Systems announces that it is now supplying high-precision GNSS RTK receivers to Norwegian machine control company DigPilot AS for use in its line of three-dimensional machine control packages for excavators.

The DigPilot 3D excavator control system uses an onboard Altus APS-3 receiver that attaches to the excavator arm. The APS-3 transmits position data in real time via a proprietary wireless format to a display monitor in the machine’s cab, permitting the operator to position the shovel to cut and fill the earth to meet a computerized model of the design specifications for the project.

The Altus APS-3 is a compact, lightweight, portable 136-channel RTK receiver, which is based on the Septentrio AsteRx2e GNSS engine. The unit is completely configurable from the data collector via Bluetooth to operate with the internal UHF radio or for network rover operation with the internal quad-band GSM/GPRS modem. Its removable 2GB SD memory card enables plug-and-play of raw data transfer for post processing.

“The DigPilot 3D machine control technology facilitates complex projects, removes the need for multiple control panels and allows the user to determine the exact location and attitude of the shovel,” said Jan Floberg, president and CEO of DigPilot AS. “The APS-3 provides the accuracy and reliability for these demanding applications.”

“The agreement with DigPilot marks an important move into the machine control market for Altus,” said Neil Vancans, president and CEO of Altus Positioning Systems. “Pairing the DigPilot system with Altus’ equipment gives customers an efficient three-dimensional data collection and excavation mapping solution, helping to save time and cost.”

DigPilot AS, through its parent company Gundersen & Loken AS, is the oldest company in this business in Norway, boasting more than 100 years in the construction instrumentation business. With more than 30 years experience in building and construction, the present DigPilot development team has professional backgrounds from engineering cybernetics, mechanical engineering, electronics, industrial design and civil engineering. The team has installed more than 500 machine control systems for dredgers, piling machines, subsea excavators and standard excavators, and this number is rapidly increasing.

About Altus Positioning Systems
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