Intergraph Releases Key Update to LPS

Includes Support for New Sensors, Input Devices

Huntsville, Ala., May 8, 2012 – Intergraph® announces the release of LPS 11.0.5, a service pack for LPS 2011. All LPS 2011 customers are eligible for this upgrade and can download this service pack from the LPS product page.

LPS is a powerful photogrammetry system that delivers full analytical triangulation, the generation of digital terrain models, orthophoto production, mosaicking and 3D feature extraction in a user-friendly environment that guarantees results even for photogrammetry novices. With its tight integration with ERDAS IMAGINE®, LPS is the ideal photogrammetric package for projects involving varied types of data and further processing and analysis of airborne and satellite imagery.

Bill LaRocque, Global Product Line Executive – Photogrammetry, Intergraph, states, “The LPS 11.0.5 release represents a balanced combination of new innovations plus customer change requests, advancing our goals of ever-increasing productivity and return on investment.”

LPS 11.0.5 extends the product’s broad range of support for both orbital and airborne sensors by adding the Pleiades Rational Polynomial Coefficient (RPC) model, the DEIMOS RPC model and the VisionMap A3 Super Large Format (SLF) model. The ability to use these sensors provides unique advantages and capabilities for customers, and LPS’ support for them reiterates Intergraph’s commitment to keeping customers on the forefront of technology.

Pleiades-1 was launched on December 16, 2011, and can provide orthorectified color data at 0.5-meter resolution and revisit any point on Earth as it covers a total of one million square kilometers (approximately 386,102 square miles) daily. In addition, Pleiades-1 will be capable of acquiring high-resolution stereo imagery in just one pass, and can accommodate areas as large as 1,000 km x 1,000 km.

DEIMOS-1 is the first private satellite in Europe that carries a multichannel optical sensor, and was designed to obtain imagery for terrestrial vegetation cover analysis. It employs a 600-kilometer extent that allows repeated views of an area at a high temporal resolution and a reduced cost.

The VisionMap A3 digital aerial camera covers a larger area than most aerial cameras, with a footprint of 60,000 pixels across flight track. Its long focal length enables the capture of high-resolution imagery from higher altitudes, simplifying the flight planning and operations of survey projects. Additionally, the A3’s wide field-of-view (up to 109 degrees) allows it to collect multi-directional images of each point in both vertical and oblique angles.

LPS 11.0.5 also expands users’ choice of input devices. In addition to the existing support for the Leica Topomouse, LPS now also supports the Z/I Mouse, a high-precision, 3D mouse with an advanced ergonomic design that enables streamlined motion to accelerate data input and increase user productivity.

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