Trimble Announces Several New Products at Intermat 2012

Trimble announced several new products at Intermat 2012, the international exhibition of equipment, machinery and techniques for the construction and materials industries.

VisionLink Software from Trimble Goes Mobile and Integrates Material Volumes and Movement Data
Monitor Overall Site Productivity and Instantly See Project Status in the Field
Trimble introduced today version 2.4 of VisionLink™ software powered by Trimble. The new software version integrates site productivity data, fleet and asset management, and materials and volumes movement information using 2D Project Monitoring. With the added benefit of 2D Project Monitoring, VisionLink is pioneering the ability to present a collective view of all machines and their contribution to overall productivity across the organization and across sites. In addition, VisionLink Mobile takes the power of VisionLink to the field, giving contractors the ability to view productivity data on mobile devices.
Trimble Offers Connected Machine Platform and GradeMax Technology for Optimized Performance
Connected Machine Technology Maximizes Machine Uptime, Improves Productivity and Enables Asset Management
Trimble today announced the release of its Trimble® GCS900 Grade Control System version 12.2 with optimized performance for dozers and deeper integration into the connected construction site. The new version includes Trimble GradeMax™ technology that significantly increases the overall grading performance of dozers and allows the operator to grade a faster, more consistent run with tighter accuracy. For the first time in the industry, the Trimble Connected Machine enhances productivity by wirelessly synchronizing data between the office and the machine to reduce machine down time and drive greater productivity. Connected Machine technology is now included as standard in every new GCS900 system.
Connect the Construction Site with Trimble to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost
Three New Solutions from Trimble Heavy Civil Construction Benefit the Bottom Line
Trimble today introduced three new solutions for heavy civil construction professionals, the Trimble® Connected Office, the Trimble Connected Controller and the Trimble Connected Machine. When used together to create the Trimble Connected Site® solution, time and cost can be saved at every stage, virtually eliminating steps in the plan, design, construct and operate process. Trimble’s Connected Site can improve the efficiency of construction projects, resulting in the earlier completion of higher quality projects at a lower cost.
Trimble GCSFlex Offers GPS Guidance for Additional Flexibility in Excavation
Easy-to-Use Grade Control System Extends the Functionality Without the Need for Design Data
Trimble today introduced an innovative new system configuration for the affordable and easy-to-use GCSFlex™ Grade Control System. The addition of GPS guidance extends the system’s functionality and allows a contractor to work faster and with more freedom than other traditional laser-referenced grade control systems for excavators. With the benefit of GPS guidance and in-field design templates created directly from the cab on the Trimble® CB450 Control Box, an excavator operator can now very accurately dig to a desired depth, slope or alignment without creating a digital design in the office. There’s very little prep work before the job and no grade checking after.
Trimble Takes Ultra Rugged to the Next Level with New GNSS Smart Antenna for Heavy Civil Construction
Trimble’s New Rugged GNSS Receiver is Connected Site Ready and Easy-to-Use
Trimble today introduced the new ultra-rugged Trimble® SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna for performing high accuracy construction site measurements. The new smart antenna is made of a specially developed alloy that combines unprecedented strength and durability into a compact form to withstand the daily abuse of construction work. With its enhanced internal shock isolation, the SPS985 is well suited for high-vibration use on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or supervisor truck. User-friendly features such as a quick release connector and smartphone configuration make it easy to deploy and use as a base station or rover, mounted on a range pole or truck roof. Advanced communications including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional wideband radio integrate the receiver into the connected construction site.

Trimble Introduces New Positioning Solution for Tunnel Construction
Integrated Office to Field Solution Makes Tunneling Safer, Faster and Less Expensive
Trimble today introduced a new positioning solution for tunneling contractors. The new solution leverages Business Center – HCE office software powered by Trimble, the Trimble® SCS900 Site Controller Software Tunneling Module operating on the Trimble Tablet, and the Trimble SPS930 Universal Total Station. As part of the Trimble Connected Site® portfolio, the integrated office to field solution allows contractors to quickly, safely and accurately perform tunnel construction, while monitoring progress in real-time.