Phase One Launches iXA Medium Format Aerial Camera System

Dedicated medium-format aerial photography camera system delivers exceptional image quality and value

Copenhagen, April 02, 2012–Phase One, the world’s leading pro photography equipment provider, today announced the Phase One iXA camera system, a fully integrated aerial camera system specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of aerial photography, with features that rival large-format cameras at a fraction of their price.

Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, the iXA has been built to streamlines the image capture and processing workflow. This camera is a major addition to existing aerial camera implementations that Phase One already provides to its partners in the industry. With a choice of 80 megapixel or 60 megapixel models, in either RGB or NIR versions, the iXA is easily incorporated into existing or new systems, making it the perfect solution for both integrators and end users looking for a rugged, high-quality robust aerial camera system.

The Phase One iXA’s rugged construction incorporates 6061 aluminum alloy to enable a robust solution capable of superior performance under tough aerial conditions, while secured connectors firmly hold cables in place. Designed for flexibility and scalability, the iXA operates effectively either in single or in a multiple camera configuration, capturing synchronized images within 100 microseconds of each other and eliminating post production sync issues.

The Phase One iXA offers high dynamic range and detailed image quality, with outstanding image sharpness and excellent color with Phase One’s range of Schneider-Kreuznach internal electronically controlled leaf shutters and Phase One digital lenses. The Phase One SDK software provides control over critical exposure parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture and capture during the flight and includes interface components for custom applications to work with the iXA camera system in a production set up.

The Phase One iXA camera system is developed manufactured by Phase One Industrial, a division which was formed in 2011 with a focus on providing advanced imaging solutions for special applications such as aerial photogrammetry, machine vision and fine art reproduction. These growing market segments will benefit from two decades of high-end photographic equipment and imaging software development experience.

Dov Kalinski, General Manger of Phase One Industrial said, "The iXA camera system offers great value to the market with its extremely high performance and cost-effective price. Phase One has spared no effort in developing a truly integrated aerial camera system."

Listed at just 45,000 EUR / 60,000 USD for the 80MP version and 40,000 EUR / 53,000 USD for the 60MP version, the iXA offers a highly competitive price performance ratio that is second to none in the medium/large format aerial photography market. Shipping for the iXA camera system will commence as of May, 2012.

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