Effigis Introduces Advances in GNSS Post-Mission Compatibility with Field Survey/GIS Software

Montreal, February 15, 2012 – Effigis announced today the worldwide availability of a new version of its OnPOZ-EZSurv™ GNSS post-processing software (V2.89), introducing advanced compatibility with industry-standard field survey and GIS data collection software. This new version includes full compatibility with MicroSurvey FieldGenius™and Carlson SurvCE™ survey software and with ESRI ArcPad™ GIS software. With this compatibility, the user can replay any field data collection in post-mission (kinematic or static) to fill RTK gaps and apply rigorous QA analysis to survey data.

When using this field software, post-processing kinematic (PPK) positioning is a straightforward process that can be seen as a simple RTK offline procedure in which different analysis views present PPK against RTK positions for QA validation. EZSurv post-processing of field data can simply be inserted as a single step within a standard workflow.

This industry-standard compatibility along with the extended list of native GNSS formats it supports, its extensive connectivity to world-wide base station networks and its connectivity to data centres to retrieve precise orbits and clocks for automated Precise Point Positioning make EZSurv the perfect GNSS QA software to complete a survey tool box.

“Our customers want to perform their survey analysis tasks as efficiently as possible,” said Denis Parrot, President of Effigis. “Our diligence in establishing compatibility with industry standards is part of our strategy to build a comprehensive post-mission automation platform for GNSS users.”

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