Hemisphere GPS Announces New High Performance GNSS Vector OEM Module

London, England — March 14, 2012 — (TSX: HEM) From the Oceanology International exhibition and conference in London, Hemisphere GPS announces today the new Vector™ H320 OEM module. The Vector H320 features a number of new technologies wrapped up into a single high performance module for the most demanding of applications. It is based on new Hemisphere GPS multi-function application firmware and Eclipse™ GNSS multi constellation technology. The Vector H320 tracks commercially available GNSS signals to compute the highest level of precise positioning and robust heading data. Using Hemisphere GPS’ patented SureTrack™ RTK technology, Vector H320 is ideally suited to augment hydrographic, bathymetric and side scan survey packages as well as other machine control applications where centimeter-level precise positioning and heading are required for superior data representation.

Vector H320 utilizes differential corrections from RTK, SBAS or satellite-based L-band (OmniSTAR) sources where available. The smart intelligence from the multi-function application firmware always provides differential solutions by automatically switching to the next best differential source if the original higher accuracy source is no longer available, providing graceful degradation in accuracies.

Vector H320 was designed for OEM system integrators who demand the highest levels of heading, position, heave, pitch, and roll accuracies. With market leading accuracy and affordability, they can develop integrated high-precision and control applications in professional and commercial marine, machine control and unmanned vehicle applications. Vector H320 computes heading information with better than 0.01 degree accuracy (based on 10m antenna separation), and better than 10mm RTK position accuracy or 40mm L-band position accuracy. Vector H320 also provides 5cm RTK heave and 0.01 degree pitch and roll accuracies.

“Vector H320 represents our state-of-the art fusion of our performance leading Eclipse and Vector technologies to provide unsurpassed accuracy and value," says Phil Gabriel, VP and General Manager, Precision Products, for Hemisphere GPS. “System integrators have been asking for such a product and we are pleased to provide this highly capable yet affordable solution.”

Measuring just 15cm long and 7cm wide, the fully shielded Vector H320 allows for easy integration, especially for integrators who are accustomed to Hemisphere GPS’ Crescent® Vector OEM module performance and footprint. Vector H320 is capable of tracking all the available GNSS signals from GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo*. (*when these systems become commercially available)

Vector H320 is featured in the Hemisphere GPS Booth I500 at the Oceanology International exhibition and conference in London, England, March 13th – 15th. Vector H320 will be available soon through the Hemisphere GPS Precision Products global dealer network. For more information about Hemisphere GPS’ Precision Products and Vector H320, please visit or www.hemispheregps.com/precision.

Hemisphere GPS
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