Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.9, No.2 2012

Editors Corner:
User Conferences. The editor attends the Vexcel user meeting and the FARO user conference.
By Marc Cheves, LS
Surveying Rockets—Launch Vehicle Alignment Survey
An unusual survey task at Vandenberg Air Force Base revealed previous errors in alignment.
By Justin Height, PS
Frames for the Future—New Datum Definitions for Modernization of the U.S. National Spatial Reference System
In Part 2, NGS experts discuss the replacement of NAVD 88 and the role of geoid models.
By David H. Minkel and Michael L. Dennis
A Well-Crafted Connection
The installment of an 8-story metal and wood atrium shows the collaborative potential of interconnected BIM-to-field solutions and expert engineering.
By Vicki Speed
A Small Oregon City Makes Huge GIS Strides
Through the use of laser scanning, this small town has developed the state’s most comprehensive 3D geodatabase.
By Larry Trojak
Vantage Point: Helping Floodville
Our FEMA expert examines the impact Elevation Certificates have on people’s lives
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM

Product Spotlight: HP50g
Our product reviewer takes a look at this popular workhorse.
By Shawn Billing, PS
Topcon Volunteers Lend Physical and Moral Support to Japan Recovery
Not content with just donating money, 12 Topcon Positioning employees travel from California to Japan to help with cleanup efforts.
By Don Talend
Footsteps: 10 Best Practices for Very Large Boundary Surveys
Large boundary surveys come with additional challenges for boundary research and data management.
By Landon Blake, PS