Yotta DCL’s Latest Software Simplifies Network Map Editing and Reporting

Leamington Spa, UK, 06 March 2012 – Yotta DCL has released a new version of its UKPMS (UK Pavement Management System) software. MARCHpms version 4.4 is part of the Yotta DCL Horizons “visualized asset management platform” and is used by highways departments to improve road network asset management. The officially compliant and health-checked software provides important new features, including network map editing improvements, HAMFIG (Highway Asset Management Financial Information Group) report updates and Performance Indicator report updates.

With MARCHpms, highways departments can process visual and machine survey data according to UKPMS rules. They can easily define a UKPMS network, compile an inventory of highway items and input condition surveys. The software’s automatic processing enables rating, treatment selection and prioritisation by condition, estimating and budgeting giving Local Authorities a clearer understanding of the condition of their road networks and aiding them with prioritizing their maintenance schemes.

“MARCHpms leads the market in performance for loading, processing and reporting pavement condition surveys. We are committed to the development and improvement of the UKPMS and we see it as a crucial part of the vision we have for the Horizons platform of highway asset management solutions,” said Nick Smee, Managing Director, Yotta DCL.

MARCHpms also features online help, password protection for managing access rights, a user-friendly rules and parameters interface and priority list reports. MARCHpms users include Southampton City Council, Norfolk County Council, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, West Sussex County Council, Hampshire County Council and Walsall Council.

HAMFIG is a National Group concerned with the financial aspect of highways asset management in England, Scotland and Wales. The HAMFIG website is hosted by Leicestershire County Council (http://www.leics.gov.uk/amp)

About Yotta DCL
Yotta DCL is at the forefront of highway technology and services. The company’s surveyors cover hundreds of miles of roads collecting all types of data every day to help transform highway surveys into solutions with real benefits. Its broad experience working with local authorities enables Yotta DCL to provide a range of survey solutions for councils to efficiently manage and maintain their highway assets. Surveys from Yotta DCL include Coarse Visual Inspections (CVI), Detailed Visual Inspections (DVI), machine scanning using its high tech Scanner vehicles and asset inventory surveys. It also develops and supports a wide range of software such as MARCHpms the industry renowned and respected pavement management system, Nano the user friendly asset management software and NotiVia, its new data capture tool. Yotta DCL’s consultancy services team offers bespoke and scheduled training seminars, UKPMS expertise and data analysis to customers of all pavement management systems. Customers include the Welsh Assembly Government, Southampton City Council, Nottingham City Council, Hampshire County council and Northumberland City Council. Yotta DCL is part of the OMG plc group of companies. Founded in 1984, OMG is a successful British technology company and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. OMG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of image understanding systems, with customers all over the world.