Blom Launches v3.2 of BlomDESKTOP Viewer

Blom announces the release of version 3.2 of the BlomDESKTOP Viewer™, desktop application for geospatial data, with enhanced features and a collection of new functionalities, tools and datasets.

The main features of this new version of BlomDESKTOP Viewer are based on enhancing the user experience with new datasets such as the spherical imagery of BlomSTREET™ and high resolution LiDAR models.

To enhance the capability of the BlomSTREET product, BlomDESKTOP Viewer 3.2 now provides a complete integration with the Cyclomedia API offering full measurement capabilities of points, lines, heights, areas and volumes as well as year filtering, export, print and vector reprojection capabilities. New BlomSTREET datasets are also being added to our catalogue.

BlomSTREET datasets viewed within BlomDESKTOP
BlomDESKTOP Viewer LiDAR features have been developed to allow our users to work with continuous LiDAR models online, retrieving new data from the servers as needed and minimizing the needs to manually load new areas when moving to different sections of terrain. A powerful terrain profile tool is also included. It is now possible to define terrain profiles over the maps or imagery and extract the data from the LiDAR datasets to perform on-the-fly detailed measures of objects, making BlomDESKTOP Viewer and invaluable tool for utilities and forestry companies among others.

LiDAR dataset and profile extraction
Featuring additional enhancements to the user interface (help messages, tooltips, north compass, metadata information on-screen…) and performance, there is also a new, powerful way of geocoding address points using locally stored shapefiles. This includes the ability for the user to define fields to be used in the geocoding process.

BlomDESKTOP Viewer continues providing a complete showcase of Blom online geoservers capabilities, BlomURBEX™ and BlomURBEX 3D™, in terms of functionality and available datasets, including access to third party geospatial data from Blom partners and Blom’s unique database of BlomORTHO™, BlomOBLIQUE™ and Blom3D™ datasets.

Applications for BlomDESKTOP Viewer are vast, from exporting imagery for evidence reports or presentations, to use as an asset management tool. The software can be easily used throughout an organization with minimal installation effort and a small amount of training time.

BlomDESKTOP Viewer will update itself to version 3.2 when launched. If you do not have the application installed yet, contact your local Blom representatives to provide you a license for the application.

About Blom
The Blom Group is the largest provider of geospatial services in Europe for both government agencies and private commercial organizations and companies. Blom owns exclusive spatial databases composed of maps, images and 3D models. Focused on online services, Blom provides data and solutions to its customers in many markets and allows its partners to create high added-value applications based on Blom data models and services. This strategy is backed by Blom’s major technical capacity in aircrafts, cameras, laser scanners and mapping systems. This makes it possible for all projects to be carried out within the company, assuring a high quality product is delivered both on-time and to budget. Blom has more than 1,000 employees and offices in 13 countries and its HQ is located in Oslo, Norway. Blom is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker BLO). For more information, visit