Pictometry Completes Image Capture for Kucera International Inc.

Rochester, NY, March 2, 2012 – Pictometry International Corp. – the leading provider of aerial oblique Imagery, Analytics, Integrations and Reports – delivered 412 square miles of accurate and measureable 4-inch oblique imagery captured in Hamilton County, Ohio through a contract with Kucera International Inc. of Willoughby.

Hamilton County awarded its imagery bid to Kucera last year as part of an RFP (Request for Proposal) for use in the County’s assessment and 9-1-1 departments. Originally, Kucera partnered with regional aerial provider GEOSPAN based in Minneapolis, MN to complete the capture. When it became apparent that GEOSPAN would not be able to fulfill the contract in an acceptable manner, Kucera turned to Pictometry.

“We subsequently realized we needed to align with a powerful provider and an expert in oblique imagery to complete the job, which is why we turned to Pictometry,” said John Antalovich Jr., President of Kucera. “We knew we could rely on Pictometry’s image capture expertise, not to mention their software and integration with Esri and 9-1-1 systems. Those added areas of expertise enabled us to deliver a more powerful and valuable tool that Hamilton County can leverage and utilize in multiple departments.”

Kucera International Inc. provides comprehensive aerial mapping and related geomatic services including aerial photography and remote sensing, LiDAR, airborne control surveying, photogrammetric mapping, orthophotography, cadastral mapping and geographic information systems.

Pictometry, with a fleet of over 60 aerial capture aircraft, was able to respond quickly and plan, capture, process, and deliver oblique imagery for the full county in a short amount of time. In addition, Pictometry’s powerful analytic software tools and expansive suite of integrated solutions allow county customers to get the most out of their oblique imagery.

“We were pleased to step in to ensure that Hamilton County received the best imagery possible for their annual assessment needs,” said Robert Locke, President of Pictometry Government Solutions. “As evidenced by our 1,500 county and municipal customers, rich visual information like ours is what government customers need to work effectively and create an invaluable enterprise-wide tool.”

About Pictometry
Pictometry International Corp., the leading provider of data-rich aerial Imagery, Analytics, Integrations and Reports, specializes in the capture of high-resolution aerial oblique imagery. Using its patented capture technology, Pictometry produces imagery that is among the highest quality, highest resolution imagery in the world. Geo-referenced and accurate for location-based planning, Pictometry® Intelligent Images™ enable users to measure sites and structures for area, distance, height, elevation and more – without leaving the office. Assessment, Insurance, Construction, Oil & Gas and other industries use Pictometry imagery daily, overlaying it with GIS data and integrating it into existing systems to create an enterprise-wide productivity tool. Pictometry’s vast image library of 145 million data-rich images is continually-updated and includes imagery captured in 150 countries and territories around the world including all major U.S. markets. Pictometry International Corp. is based in Rochester, NY. To learn more, visit us online at www.pictometry.com.