SuperSurv 3, Mobile Survey System for Android OS Released Globally

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, released SuperSurv 3, which supports bilingual user interface, traditional Chinese and English, and global coordinate system. SuperSurv 3 is the mobile survey system that can be operated on Android mobile devices.

SuperSurv 3 mainly offers users with the convenience of data collection in field survey and supports to display base map in SGT format and Web map services. Users can import vector layer for references to collect spatial data more effectively.

With GPS, camera, and custom tables, they all allow surveyors to completely record the attributes of point, line, polygon features and photo information; also ensuring that the collected data can be successfully applied in other GIS software. When conducting field surveys, users are allowed to collect data, record track, and use waypoint guidance simultaneously to achieve their tasks efficiently.

Designed with user-centered concept, SuperSurv 3 can customize the map display and set the overlay order of layers and color of features. Additionally, the measuring toolbar and track toolbar are movable to users who can also drag the toolbars to new positions according to their everyday usage, making the operation environment more user-friendly to them.

Supported file formats:
Vector data formats: GEO, SHP, KML
Raster data: SGT
GPS track: SHP, KML
Waypoint: TXT, CSV, KML

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