Zebra Imaging Announces 3D Geospatial Challenge

Austin, Texas, Feb. 16, 2012 — Zebra Imaging, Inc., the leader in 3D holographic displays and visualization technologies, announced today that it will conduct its first 3D Geospatial Challenge. This 3D Geospatial Challenge is sponsored to encourage participants from the GIS community to use Zebra Imaging’s software tools and print services to portray their GIS data using holographic technology. Zebra’s unique visualization ZScape™ product delivers unequaled levels of spatial understanding and communication.

Zebra Imaging has created thousands of 3D maps for the U.S. Department of Defense and has now adapted its 3D capability for Esri ArcGIS® Desktop 10.  Users of Esri® ArcScene™ 3D Analyst™ extension can combine 2D and 3D data to create high resolution, color holographic GIS prints.  The 3D holographic print can display detailed topography, cityscapes, and other data-rich GIS applications in industries such as exploration geology, hydrology, archeology, forestry, park services, city governments, public safety and defense.

"Zebra Imaging’s holographic 3D prints provide a powerful and captivating method of conveying 3D geospatial data to diverse groups – ones that may not be familiar with GIS software. With our technology and print services, 3D data can be brought out of the computer and into the hands of decision makers, enabling faster analysis and fuller understanding," said Steve Arling, Vice President of Business Development for Zebra Imaging.  "The 3D Geospatial Challenge is about inspiring new ways and approaches for visualizing GIS projects. It’s about getting the data unplugged from the computer and in front of a broader audience. It’s about facilitating communication," Arling added.

The 3D Geospatial Challenge kicks off just prior to the Esri Federal GIS conference held February 22-24, in Washington, D.C. As an Esri Business Partner, Zebra Imaging will be exhibiting 3D prints to demonstrate to the GIS community how to leverage the power and technology 3D holographic imaging offers. Zebra Imaging wants to help accelerate the evolution of traditionally 2D GIS data into 3D.
The Challenge

Participants in the Zebra Imaging 3D Geospatial Challenge will compete by framing their 3D data set using Zebra Imaging’s ZScape™ Preview or ZScape™ Exporter software: http://store.zebraimaging.com/download.aspx

Each entry will be reviewed by a panel of Zebra Imaging judges for the following:
• Creativity
• Design efficiency
• Technical complexity
• Usefulness of application

Zebra Imaging will select three winners from the following industries: Public Safety, Planning, and Defense.

Winners of the challenge will receive a 24" x 24" 3D holographic print of their data and an illumination stand. The winning concepts will be displayed at the Zebra Imaging Booth at the Esri International User Conference the week of July 23, 2012 in San Diego, CA.

For more information regarding the challenge: http://www.zebraimaging.com/challenge

To register for the challenge: http://www.zebraimaging.com/challenge_register

About Zebra Imaging
Zebra Imaging, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art 3D holographic displays for a variety of 3D visualization applications in government, military, and commercial markets which dramatically improve situational awareness, collaboration and decision-making. Customers include Federal and Department of Defense agencies, leading architecture and engineering firms, and State and Local government agencies who need to clearly and effortlessly demonstrate sophisticated 3D data in a comprehensive and portable medium. www.zebraimaging.com