High-Quality PC CARD Drives for ATA, SRAM, and Linear Flash Cards for the Surveying Industry

IPI is the leading supplier for high-quality PC Card drives for ATA, SRAM, and Linear Flash Cards for industrial and professional applications in the US, Canada, Central- and South America. Our card drives are widely known and are being used and implemented in various projects throughout many industries, including the surveying industry.

PC Card drives are the fast and easy way to read and write data to and from your flash memory cards. Reliability, flexibility, and long-term availability are essential for industrial applications where PC Card drives are being used.

Our drives are designed to READ & WRITE all common data formats, including binary data as well as customer specific data formats.

Our universal PC Card SDK allows customers to develop application-specific data formats under DOS, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, and Windows XP/Vista/7.

What makes our products unique in the market?
• Support for Linear Flash, SRAM, and other “older” formats
• PC Card Software Development Kit for easy integration
• Support for DOS, Win 3.x, Win 95/98, Win NT/2000, Win XP/Vista,7
• Widest variety of interfaces – parallel, serial, IDE, USB
• Different versions – External, internal, PCB, embedded

All products are produced to the ISO 9000 standards and have CE approval.

Please visit our home page at http://www.intproducts.com/industrial.html for more detailed information on our products.