LightSquared Update

Recently, we petitioned the FCC for a ruling on our legal rights to the wireless spectrum that is licensed to LightSquared by the agency. We need this spectrum – the airwaves over which wireless phone calls and data travel –to launch a new, more affordable and reliable nationwide wireless broadband and satellite network in the United States. Simultaneously, the NTIA, the agency that manages government spectrum, is preparing its report on recent testing of our network.

You have probably been following our progress as we work to build our network – from launching the largest commercial satellite in history, to signing dozens of wholesale customers, to repeatedly overcoming “unsolvable” technology issues.

The FCC’s ruling and the NTIA’s report could finally make LightSquared’s network a reality. LightSquared has urged both agencies to act swiftly to prevent special interests from blocking the most promising solution to America’s broadband crisis. We need our supporters to help further our mission by sending a letter of support to the FCC and NTIA.

Wireless for America – an alliance of American companies including LightSquared, rural wireless advocates and consumers committed to addressing our nation’s impending broadband crisis– has launched an online tool that quickly allows you to email your support for LightSquared to the FCC and NTIA.