Esri Features Integrity Work Orders on Live User Sites

Maryville, MO (February 6, 2012) — Midland GIS Solutions has developed a user friendly, web-based application for work order management. Integrity™ Work Orders is a first-rate system for assigning, managing and tracking work orders for any small to medium-sized city or utility. Integrity™ is a diverse ArcGIS Server and Silverlight web solution to manage, analyze and maintain utility and municipal infrastructure data. The Integrity™ Work Orders extension is currently featured on Esri’s Live User Sites.

“Cities today strive to be more efficient and are seeking to buy products that improve their bottom line while improving on customer satisfaction,” says Erin Allen, Business Development Associate for Midland GIS Solutions. “With the Integrity Work Order System, operators can easily keep track of reports, eliminate long paper trails and address problems more quickly as they arise.”

Integrity Work Orders gives users the ability to consistently track work orders, maximize resources and track maintenance histories, all from one program. Work orders can be created, assigned and scheduled within seconds, allowing operators to effectively manage their field personnel.\

With this work order system, historical data and recurring maintenance can be quickly identified and referenced. The analytical features of Integrity Work Orders can help cities recognize recurring utility failures and determine long-term solutions. Past due notifications are also a tremendous benefit to supervisors so that maintenance never goes overlooked.

Integrity Work Orders is an ideal solution for cities seeking a more effective way to track their work orders, maintenance schedules and field personnel. This work order system allows cities and utilities to make better decisions, address maintenance problems more quickly and maximize their resources, all resulting in time and money saved.

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