Topcon RL-SV2S Laser Has Power, Range for Even the Biggest Jobs

Livermore, Calif. – January 24, 2012 –Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has released a new construction laser – RL-SV2S – that is a dual slope, long-range, self-leveling instrument designed with multi-use features.
Tony Vanneman, TPS construction products marketing manager, said, “The RL-SV2S is a great tool for any general construction or engineering project. It has an operating range of 2,400ft (diameter) so it has the power to cover even the biggest job sites.
“Designed for multiple types of tasks, the instrument is equally at home on construction or interior project sites. In fact, it is the perfect instrument anywhere a laser is required for horizontal, single slope, dual slope or vertical job applications. The laser can also be used for machine control applications.”
The RL-SV2S slopes up to +/-15 degrees and can be used in either the X or Y axis. Designed to give the contractor versatility, it can be turned on its side and used for layout and alignment.  “Just lay it down on the built-on mount or attach it to a tripod and the laser will electronically self-level for fast and accurate vertical applications,” Vanneman said.
“The laser is loaded with features, designed to give the contractor increased efficiency on the job, such as a long battery life (100 hours/alkaline and 60 hours/rechargeable Ni/MH), height of instrument alert and electronic shutters. These tools can be accessed on the front control panel or on a remote control device that comes standard. The remote radio controller has the same interface as the RL-SV2S, offering immediate familiarity to the user,” Vanneman said.
“The RL-SV2S is extremely rugged, with large ergonomic handles, it is designed to take the bangs and bumps that inevitably occur on job sites.”
The RL-SV2S features industry-leading environment proofing including a water/dustproof rating of IP66 and operating temperatures from -20C to +50C.
“The new laser follows in a long line of superior quality laser transmitters from Topcon, and at an economical price,” Vanneman said.  “High performance, lower cost. Contractors will quickly realize the value of the instrument by its versatility and time savings.”
The new RL-SV2S comes with an industry-leading, five-year factory guarantee.
“Topcon builds rugged, reliable construction and survey instruments and this extended guarantee against factory product issues reflects our company’s great confidence in its products,” Vanneman said. 
About Topcon Positioning Systems
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.(TPS) designs and manufactures precise positioning products and solutions for the global surveying, construction, agriculture, civil engineering, mapping and GIS, asset management and mobile control markets.  TPS’ parent company, Topcon Corporation (TokyoStock Exchange  – 7732), was founded in 1932.