NGS to Present DSWorld Webinar

Overview of DSWorld

February 16, 2012

1:00-2:00pm ET

Instructor: Malcolm Archer-Shee

To register, click here.

Description: DSWorld was originally designed to display datasheet information in a "world view", hence its name. Since its inception, it has been greatly enhanced to the point of being a major interface with NGS and the NGS Integrated Database (IDB). It provides Land Surveyors, GIS professionals and the general public with important up-to-date geodetic control information at the click of a button.


  • Publishable geodetic control points in Google Earth by any of 5 different selection criteria.
  • Other geodetic control such as reference marks, azimuth marks, calibration baseline marks, tidal BMs, etc.
  • CORS stations
  • Gravity stations
  • OPUS stations


  • CBL information
  • County Boundaries from the US census Bureau
  • Datasheets
  • DSWorld news
  • Digital photos
  • Various lists of geodetic data


  • Input files for Street Atlas


  • A full feature digital photo editor specifically designed for sizing, enhancing, naming and labeling digital photos for submission to NGS.
  • Routines for sending digital photos, recovery notes, hand-held GPS positions, data corrections, and photo trouble reports to NGS via the internet.
  • Links to important NGS web interfaces.
  • A simple ftp interface.
  • Routines for automatically updating itself.
  • Built-in context-sensitive help.

The webinar will cover all of these features in detail.