Intelligent CONstruction: Leica iCON Revolutionizes Positioning Work on Any Construction Site

Makes Debut at World of Concrete 2012

(Atlanta, Ga., 24 January 2012) Leica Geosystems is pleased to announce iCON, its pioneering portfolio of tailor-made positioning and measuring solutions for construction professionals. Leica iCON changes the way construction tasks are performed on site by offering new technology that significantly optimizes construction workflow efficiency. iCON makes its debut appearance at the World of Concrete Show 2012, Las Vegas.

Leica iCON is more than a new product line and a software package, it enables contractors to enhance their performance and increase their profitability through perfecting the entire construction workflow. As an umbrella for the entire Leica Geosystems Construction program, iCON includes:
• iCONstruct – Tailor-made hardware and software solutions for positioning and measuring tasks on site
• iCONtrol – Providing perfect communication between construction personnel on site and a comprehensive portfolio of machine control solutions
• iCONsult – An extensive support network, with clear guidance on intelligent CONstruction benefits to grow contractors businesses
• iCONnect – Connects the system to a superior network. Wireless data transfer, easy, fast and secure
Leica iCON offers complete and tailored positioning solutions for the building construction segment and the civil engineering segment. Leica Geosystems plans to expand the iCON solutions to further specific construction trade segments in the near future.

Leica iCON build – Custom-built Solutions for Building Construction
Leica iCON build is part of the unique iCONstruct toolbox, enabling customers to carry out all positioning related tasks with just one software solution, improving speed, performance and accuracy. Whether they need to precisely layout formwork with total stations or roughly mark a building pit using GPS, iCON build is developed to seamlessly integrate with any of the iCONstruct sensors and controllers.  Unique features and graphical support within iCON build allow users to carry out specific tasks on site in an easier, straightforward way.
Leica iCON site – Custom-built Solutions for Site Construction
Leica iCON site is also part of the iCONstruct toolbox focusing on the engineering and infrastructure segment. Just as iCON build, it features a smart graphical interface, is easy to use and the operating workflows are designed to suit the way operators work. iCON site offers perfect solutions for all positioning tasks needed on civil engineering projects, from data collection on site through stake out tasks and grade checks, cut & fill controls to as-built verifications. With iCON site’s smart, custom-built applications most of the measurements on site can be carried out easily and efficiently by the foreman, without needing to wait for a surveyor or engineer.

New iCONstruct Portfolio
Within the iCONstruct portfolio, Leica Geosystems announces a complete sensor range allowing contractors to select a solution to their requirements giving them full flexibility to extend the equipment and customize applications to their needs at any time. All sensors use the simple to use field software that speaks the language of the user on site, equipped with a wide range of applications and rich functionality.

The Leica iCON robot 50 is a new total station for one-person operation, saving time and increasing productivity for layout tasks, stakeout and as-built checks. For multi-purpose positioning tasks Leica Geosystems introduces the versatile Leica iCON gps 60 SmartAntenna. Easy to use for construction, Leica iCON gps 60 features multiple communication options and excellent RTK network capabilities. For both, Leica Geosystems offers a choice of two controllers, the Leica iCON CC60/61, a rugged 7” Tablet PC and the Leica iCON CC50, a rugged and lightweight 3.5” PDA.           

Within the iCONstruct portfolio, Leica Geosystems announces a complete sensor range allowing contractors to select a solution to their requirements.

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