Combined Intergraph GeoMedia and ERDAS IMAGINE Solution Now Available Through Live Link

Users Can Now Enjoy Benefits of Truly Connected Image Processing and GIS Products from a Single Provider

Huntsville, Ala., January 11, 2011 – Intergraph® Corporation announces the availability of Live Link, connecting GeoMedia® and ERDAS IMAGINE®. For the first time, users can leverage GeoMedia’s rich set of vector handling tools and ERDAS IMAGINE’s raster capabilities to support synchronized data sharing, viewing, editing, updating, and analysis.

“Users can now enjoy truly connected image processing and GIS products from a single provider, not only simplifying purchasing and maintenance, but also providing a stronger, more streamlined geospatial workflow,” said Mladen Stojic, Vice President Geospatial, Intergraph. “With this new capability, end-users can integrate comprehensive spatial information and technology with business systems and applications to simultaneously strengthen their responsiveness to customers with a holistic view of a given geography.”

GeoMedia is a powerful GIS management package that enables users to realize the maximum value of their geospatial resources, integrating them into present clear, actionable information. ERDAS IMAGINE incorporates geospatial image processing and analysis and remote sensing capabilities into a single powerful, convenient package.

Now connected, users can leverage these two products together, integrating accurately processed imagery and terrain data from ERDAS IMAGINE for critical GIS and CAD updates, along with GeoMedia’s comprehensive toolset for managing and analyzing GIS resources.

Within ERDAS IMAGINE, users have access to a sophisticated set of assisted feature collection capabilities and quantitative image processing that supports change detections and the extraction of details about the earth, such as land cover, vegetation health and impervious surface information.

GeoMedia provides simultaneous access to geospatial data in almost any form, uniting them in a single map view for efficient processing, analysis, presentation and sharing. Its dynamic analysis functionality enables concatenation of analysis processes so the results of one operation feed directly into the next process, as well as automatic updating of results in response to data changes.

“By interacting with a single provider for both image processing and GIS needs, users now have a more simplified experience – saving time and reducing costs,” added Vince Smith, GeoMedia Product Line Executive, Intergraph. “In addition, under the stewardship of a single organization, our products can evolve to meet ever-changing market demands while maintaining their close compatibility. We will also be able to provide more knowledgeable assistance for both products before and after their purchases.”

Intergraph will be hosting a webinar on January 25, 2012, entitled “Leveraging ERDAS IMAGINE within GeoMedia Workflows,” as well as another webinar on January 26, 2012, “Using GeoMedia to Enhance ERDAS IMAGINE Workflows.” Both webinars will address key ways users can realize the maximum value of their geospatial resources with this combined offering.

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