Javad Ashjaee Issues White Paper Regarding GNSS Interference and Political Noise, and Announces January 17th Technical Meeting

I have been reflecting on events related to the GPS interference issue and LightSquared. What I discovered revealed the root of this problem, and as I will describe in this paper, it is entirely caused by poor design of GPS receivers The problem can be solved easily and with existing technology. In fact, it already has been solved.

Unfortunately, the GPS interference issue is a perfect example of how Washington is allowing politics to influence a technical debate. Opponents of LightSquared are trying to deal with the GPS interference issue by employing armies of lawyers and lobbyists who either don’t understand the scientific facts or are lying about them. Instead, it would be much better for those who are making much of the noise about LightSquared, to spend money on research and development to help solve the problem.

This political approach to a technical issue demonstrates why the United States is currently ranked seventh in the world for the most scientific and engineering researchers per capita, following Finland, Sweden, Japan, Singapore and Norway. Why would high-caliber talent want to go into technology-related jobs when our system appears to be placing low value on scientific facts and high value on political influence?…

To read a 1.03Mb PDF of the rest of Dr. Ashjaee’s 8-page statement click HERE