PRIA Releases Recording Jurisdiction Identification Numbering System for Comment

Morrisville, N.C. – The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) has announced the publication of its newly developed Recording Jurisdiction Identification (RJID) numbering sequence for review and comment. A 30-day Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) review period allows interested parties to submit comments on the IPR or other information about this proposed RJID system. For information regarding PRIA IPR policies see the PRIA Operating Rules.

This document was developed by the Uniform Numbering System Workgroup of the Business Processes and Procedures Committee of PRIA.

For most of history, recording has been a local activity. Documents have been created by local lenders, title companies, attorneys and closing agents, subsequently, these documents have then been recorded at the corresponding county courthouse.

However, as the lending and title industries have become more regional and national in scope and the Internet and eRecording have given rise to the virtual courthouse, confusion over accurately identifying jurisdictions has increased. The Recording Jurisdiction Identification (RJID) is a recommendation to help reduce confusion and seamlessly send documents to the correct county for recording.

As the Uniform Numbering System Workgroup researched currently available numbering formats, none met the specific needs of the recording industry.

According to workgroup co-chair, Jeff Carlson, Indecomm Global Services, “FIPS codes are assigned at the county level and do not account for recording done at the township level or for counties that have multiple and distinct recording offices.

MISMO has a comprehensive list of taxing jurisdictions with nearly 28,000 entries that was unwieldy for this purpose.”

A clear and concise numbering scheme was necessary to avoid recording errors and, as a result, the RJID was developed.

Organizations are encouraged to download the numbers, review the system internally and provide feedback to PRIA on the content and structure.

About the PRIA
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