Gatewing Introduces Stretchout UAV Desktop Processing

Ghent, Belgium – December 15, 2011 – Gatewing®, manufacturer of the revolutionary X100 unmanned aerial system (UAS) for mapping and surveying, introduces Gatewing Stretchout™, a breakthrough image processing solution which automatically converts your X100 image data to accurate orthophotos and DSMs.

“With Gatewing Stretchout™ we’ve challenged the accepted way of traditional photogrammetry by introducing highly advanced vision technology that changes the way you process your images. Stretchout™ runs fully automatic at the best possible performance and delivers georeferenced orthophotos and DSMs with an incredible accuracy. As the software is supplied by the same company that manufactures the UAV, you get a fully integrated system that was entirely designed to be simple and intuitive,” said Pieter-Jan Baeck – Head of Software at Gatewing.

Joseph Paiva – COO of Gatewing – explained that “Stretchout™ begins the process by geotagging your images and then processes them using automatic aerial triangulation followed by a bundle block adjustment which calculates camera interior orientation as well as position and attitude of each camera station. You can easily integrate these products into your workflow, be it GIS, CAD or other mapping, design or visualization systems. Stretchout™ is easy to use, and like the X100, doesn’t require a high amount of photogrammetry or photogrammetric data processing knowledge.”

“This amazing software processes your data differently from the digital photogrammetric systems of the past. It uses vision technology that was originally developed for creating highly accurate digital models of objects such as human organs, machine parts and archeological finds using images taken with high overlap but with no necessity for measuring the accurate position and attitude of the camera for each exposure.”

As an alternative to the desktop solution Stretchout™, Gatewing introduces Gatewing Cloud which lets you upload your images to Gatewing’s cloud server; doing the processing for you with project-specific pricing based on your requirements. After a few hours, you can download your georeferenced orthophotos and DSMs from the cloud server and request feedback on results.

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