Z+F Releases LaserControl 8.2

"Cloud-to-Cloud" Registration
Scanning without targets! Z+F LaserControl 8.2 brings the targetless „Cloud-to-Cloud“ Registration feature directly to your PC. The user will provide an approximate adjustment through preregistration, either manually in 3D or with a simple mouse-click within the 2D environment. See images below.

Hardlock USB Key
With the release of 8.2, Zoller + Fröhlich extends the license protection with a new hardlock USB key for future commercial licenses of Z+F LaserControl. However, the demo function of the software license during evaluation remains unaltered in this concept. The hardlock key detaches the license from the hardware, providing full freedom for the end-user and preventing time-wasting relicensing issues when updating your workstation. In essence Plug&Work! Our supported hardlock USB keys are:
• Z+F Dongle/C
The recommended solution for our power users – no time count, unlimited license!
• Z+F Dongle/T
The ideal solution for most flexible use job-by-job – time count, rental license!

Both versions support floating network licensing when used in a network as a license server. The activated license server will be recognized automatically and without manual IP address assignment. As well, the license extension in Z+F LaserControl 8.2 can be accessed via the web through fully integrated exchange of the encoded data.

AutoTarget Extension
The recognition rate of Z+F AutoTargets has now been further improved. Actively using target codes will be filed and considered for autoTarget recognition, in order to filter and avoid ambiguous target numbering. See image below.

Mirror Filter
In some cases, scans may contain missplaced data due to the presence of highly reflecting surfaces, e.g. thermo-insulated windows, glas or mirrors. In Z+F LaserControl 8.2 a Mirror Filter Tool is implemented, which allows the relocation of these points onto the correct surface! How is this possible? … by positioning the planar surface onto the mirror, then associating the points to the projection with an optimized selection tool for best data conserving of nearby components, e.g. window frames. Click and go!

Important information like resolution and scaling (m/pixel) can now be saved to orthophotos for post-processing of the graphics in a third party software.

Latest Import-/Export formats:
Z+F LaserControl 8.2 now supports the new E57 format developed by ASTM. All cartesian coordinates, intensity and RGB values can be imported and ZFS files exported as E57. Not included are bitmaps and spherical 3D data.

Import and export of OSF-files, the format developed by i3mainz, Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology, is fully supported in Z+F LaserControl 8.2.

Single-Target Registration
Z+F LaserControl 8.2 allows registration by a single target, with a levelled scan and known scanner height. In the field, the scanner and the target are mounted on tripods and located above known points, e.g. surveyed with total station. Traversing is now possible with the Z+F IMAGER® 5010 and Firmware 8.1.

SDK for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (32Bit/64Bit) is supported by the available Software Developer Kit

Cloud-to-Cloud Intial Stage

Cloud-to-Cloud Result

AutoTarget Extension