Pacific Crest Introduces New Advanced Data Link for Field Communications

High-Speed, Wireless Data Link Provides Improved Productivity for Precise Positioning Applications

Sunnyvale, CA, November 16, 2011 – Pacific Crest, a Trimble company, today introduced the new ADL Uplink, an advanced, high-speed, wireless data link that extends the range and improves the reliability of Internet-based RTK corrections. The ADL Uplink provides high accuracy and application flexibility with more features and options than previously offered by Pacific Crest professional-grade radio links.

The ADL Uplink joins the rapidly growing line of Advanced Data Link (ADL) products that include: the ADL Vantage Pro, a 35-Watt programmable UHF radio; the ADL Vantage, a 4-Watt programmable UHF radio for survey applications; the ADL Sentry, a 4-Watt radio for remote sensing and monitoring environments; the ADL Foundation, a transceiver OEM board; and the ADL RXO, a receive-only OEM board.

“The ADL Uplink is designed for easy integration with existing systems,” said Dale Hermann, sales and marketing director for Pacific Crest. “Interoperability and flexible features can enable our customers to cost-effectively deploy the ADL Uplink into their products and solutions.”

The ADL Uplink combines a ruggedized handheld computer with a software program that automatically downloads Internet-based RTK corrections and streams them to a radio for rebroadcast into areas of poor cell coverage. Positioning the ADL Uplink on the edge of Internet access allows users to continue surveying in cellular shadow zones caused by topography, buildings or interference where poor signal strength normally makes using Internet-based RTK services difficult.

The ADL Uplink connects to an RTK correction service either through the GSM/GPRS or Wi-Fi modem. The ADL Uplink provides the service with either coordinates from its on-board GPS receiver or with coordinates input manually by the user from the GPS rover receiver. When the corrections are generated, the ADL Uplink streams the signals from the Internet to a radio for broadcasting to the rover. Reconnection in the event of a dropped wireless connection is automatic.

The ADL Uplink from Pacific Crest is available now through its international network of authorized dealers.

About Pacific Crest
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