Geospatial Technology Offer: Spatial Information Solutions Offers Complimentary CompassData Ground Control

Improve Mapping Accuracy with Software and GCPs

Nov. 14, 2011 (Starkville, MS) – Starting this week, mapping software firm Spatial Information Solutions® (SIS) is offering complimentary ground control from CompassData® to purchasers of its QA/QC software products, Accuracy Analyst® or Topo Analyst®.

Created with photogrammetrists and other mapping professionals in mind, the software from SIS is designed to ensure data accuracy and quality in GIS digital maps. Ground Control Points (GCPs) are an integral part of ensuring mapping accuracy by verifying the specific location points on the surface of the earth. By pinpointing locations, data from satellite or aerial surveys can be orthorectified to a higher accuracy. SIS technology automates geodata accuracy and quality verification, verifies LiDAR and raster elevation data accuracy, and provides other QA/QC tools. 

CompassData provides the world’s largest commercially available ground control data set, with more than 17,000 Ground Control Points (GCP) in a downloadable format through the company’s GCP Archive. Also offering GPS field data collection worldwide, Human Geography and imagery QA/QC, CompassData is globally recognized for its consistent, accurate deliverables.

Beginning Monday, Nov. 14 and running through 2012, SIS will offer three complimentary GCPs from the CompassData archive. Customers who purchase either Accuracy Analyst or Topo Analyst may go to the archive to find their three preferred GCPs from the more than 17,000 available points, and redeem them anytime within 120 days from purchase of the SIS software. As part of the promotion, SIS is also offering a 10 percent discount on the software until Dec. 31, 2011.

“Any photogrammetrist who has wished for a tool to easily check their mapping data and to verify accuracy will appreciate these products,” said Leslie O’Hara, VP of communication at SIS. “We enable our customers to check their data before it goes out the door or before they accept and pay for products.  With SIS software, you can check data accuracy and quality easily, efficiently, and cost effectively like never before.” 

For more information, visit to learn more about Accuracy Analyst and Topo Analyst, or contact Leslie O’Hara at or phone her at 662-323-0202 ex. 11. Following purchase, Leslie will provide information on how to choose three free GCPs.  Visit CompassData’s archive files at

About CompassData
CompassData® is the world’s foremost supplier of GPS-based ground control survey data, maintaining the largest commercially available archive of Ground Control Points (GCP). Continuously adding to its more than 17,000 GCP, CompassData provides accurate geospatial data and collection services for clients in a partnership model. CompassData is the home of the Control Freaks®, famous for their worldwide data collection capability and their mission to map the world. A Woman-Owned Small Business, registered on the CCR, CompassData delivers value by providing accurate geospatial data and collection services on time and within budget. Call 303-627-4058 or visit

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Spatial Information Solutions, Inc. (SIS) provides software-based map accuracy and content enhancement solutions that enable its customers to map with confidence. For more information, visit