Corbley Communications Launches X-Mark Media to Create Smartphone Travel Apps

Castle Rock, Colorado, USA, 15 November 2011 – Corbley Communications Inc., a provider of marketing communications and business development services to the worldwide mapping industry for 18 years, today launched a new division called X-Mark Media to create GPS-enabled travel and tourism apps for smartphones.

X-Mark Media is focused on developing information-rich multimedia content that incorporates maps, imagery, audio, streaming videos, photographs, and virtual reality to deliver educational, informative and entertaining experiences for tourist destination visitors. By tapping into the GPS technology embedded in many smartphones and tablet computers, X-Mark Media apps put a personal tour guide into the hands of any traveler.

“GPS-enabled smartphone apps are ideal for Destination Marketing organizations that want to ensure their visitors take full advantage of all the experiences and attractions their destination has to offer,” said Kevin Corbley, President of X-Mark Media. “A content-rich travel app also serves as a digital marketing brochure that educates, promotes and ultimately attracts more visitors to a tourist destination.”

With smartphones predicted to account for half of all mobile telephones in the U.S. market alone by late 2011, GPS-enabled apps are becoming must-have travel accessories favored by tourists around the world. GPS smartphone apps have already been developed for Historic Districts, National and State Parks, Historic Battlefields, Zoos, and Theme Tours. Smartphone applications are cost-effective, and they can be updated easily and quickly.

Based in the Denver area, X-Mark Media is a division of Corbley Communications Inc., which has provided marketing and multimedia content to the geospatial and location-based services industries since 1993. Corbley Communications offers its services internationally to commercial businesses, academic institutions, non-profits, and government agencies. Corbley holds a GSA Contract to provide communications services to the U.S. Federal Government.

For more information, visit X-Mark Media at Or call 303-660-1138.