INOVx Announces Release of RealityLINx version 5.5

Thursday, November 10, 2011 – Irvine, California – INOVx Solutions, Inc., the leader in Asset Virtualization® solutions for the process industries, announces the release of version 5.5 of its RealityLINx® software. RealityLINx v5.5 includes a number of performance, functional, and usability enhancements. This release features improvements such as reduced memory usage allowing for display of significantly larger models. The new RealityLINx release also supports opening multiple Projects enabling users to perform most display, query and authoring functions in more than one Project in a single RealityLINx session. Combined the enhancements constitute a significant performance increase.

Users will also discover a number of functional and usability improvements in this release such as “Fixed Frame Rate” to provide a more fluid user interaction while navigating large virtual plant models as well as the ability to customize the units of measure differently than the default for the Project.

Users that rely on RealityLINx for creating plant models from laser scans will realize a number of benefits with the v5.5 release, including:
• Enhanced Manipulators to more easily access handles that are hidden by the asset.
• Extended support for the import of point cloud files which do not have grid information (i.e. Leica Geosystems PCI and PTS).
RealityLINx Enterprise users will benefit from the following enhancements:
• Asset Templates grouping by Tags for improving the definition of Display Vicinity search criteria.
• Architectural changes to the INOVx Enterprise Server (IES) allowing it to run on a separate server as the Microsoft SQL Server if necessary. IES can be configured to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server which may be running on different server. Also IES no longer provides license services. A separate License Server can be installed which is no longer version dependant.

The use of 3D laser scanning to capture as-built geometry of complex facilities has grown rapidly. This technology is driving improvements in the accuracy and completeness of Asset Documentation, providing customers with a foundation for better safety and environmental compliance. In addition, industry is increasingly taking advantage of intelligent 3D models developed from laser scan data in order to drive new efficiencies in work processes ranging from design and construction through operations and maintenance. The INOVx Asset Virtualization approach is transforming the way plant assets are managed and operated, across the industry. By enabling the rapid construction of highly accurate models from laser scans, the RealityLINx platform accelerates changes in both Asset Documentation and Asset Virtualization solutions.

“We feel that RealityLINx is the best software of its kind on the market,” said Costantino Lanza, CEO of INOVx Solutions. “It already outperforms all other software for modeling from laser scan data. With this release, it can outperform most 3D visualization software, while enabling full Asset Virtualization functionality. Our software development team has done a tremendous job on this version.”

About INOVx
INOVx, founded in 1999, provides a platform and solutions for Asset Virtualization® to companies in the process industries worldwide. INOVx’s RealityLINx product enables the creation, management and access to high fidelity three dimensional views of plant assets. These views are used in daily work practices to better communicate and navigate all asset information. INOVx solutions support many plant functions such as reliability, safety, operations, maintenance, inspection, and engineering. INOVx is a pioneer and thought leader in the application of laser scanning technology for the creation of accurate and precise three dimensional models of existing facilities. This Asset Documentation Service offers a reliable and proven way of creating and maintaining the three dimensional asset models. INOVx is headquartered in Irvine, California. For more information please visit