APWA Announces CSM, CPII and CPFP Certifications November 2011

APWA Announces New Certified Public Fleet Professionals
Kansas City, MO. –The American Public Works Association (APWA) announced today that four public works fleet professionals from the U.S. and Canada have earned the APWA Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP) credential.  The role of the public fleet operation has evolved over the years to a new profile of asset management, environmental stewardship, and related business functions.

 “The purpose of APWA’s Certified Public Fleet Professional program is to promote excellence in fleet management by advancing the fleet professionals’ knowledge and practice to benefit communities through quality services,” said APWA Executive Director Peter B. King.  “Employers feel confident in hiring these professionals, who have the knowledge, skills and training that will benefit their agency, and keep it moving in an ever-changing environment,” King said.

The APWA CPFP program is a public works professional development initiative that is intended for both the seasoned, career government public fleet manager, and those interested in the credential to promote their public fleet management career. Since its inception, a total of 103 U.S. and Canadian fleet professionals have received the CPFP certification.  Recent Certified Public Fleet Professionals include:

• Steve Dorsey, CPFP, City of Chula Vista, Chula Vista, CA
• Harold James Pedersen, CPFP, City of Fargo, Fargo, ND
• Clayton Reynolds, CPFP, City of Tualatin, Tualatin, OR
• Kevin Schlangen, CPFP, Dakota County, Rosemount, MN

The Certified Public Fleet Professional certification program has launched computer-based testing in the Canada exam administration. Computer-based testing will be available in 2011 at over 170 sites in the United States and over 20 sites in Canada. For more information about the Public Fleet Professional Certification program and the 2011 exam schedule, please visit the following URL at: http://www.apwa.net/credentialing/certification/.

APWA Announces Eight New Certified Stormwater Managers in North America
The American Public Works Association (APWA) announced today that eight public works professionals have recently earned the Certified Stormwater Manager (CSM) credential. The APWA CSM Certification program is intended for water experts in both the public and private sectors who coordinate and implement stormwater management programs for city, county, state, provincial, and federal agencies. Since its inception in 2009, the APWA CSM program has certified 56 Stormwater Managers.

“Earning the APWA Stormwater Manager certification is a hallmark of excellence for  U.S. and Canadian water professionals,” said APWA Executive Director Peter B. King. “These professionals assist in administering drainage, flood control, and water quality programs, and this program highlights their professional expertise and personal dedication to advancing public works services in their community. The recent certification recipients are to be congratulated on this outstanding accomplishment,” King said.

Certified Stormwater Managers as of November, 2011 include:

June 6-17, 2011 Certifications
• Melanie Clerkley, CSM, Town of Hope Mills, Hope Mills, NC
• Dan Clinton, CSM, Town of Cary, Cary, NC
• Jeff Corley, CSM, City of Concord, Concord, NC
• John Reeves, CSM, City of St Charles, Saint Charles, MO

September 12-23, 2011 Certifications
• Eric Hansen, CSM, Crawford Murphy & Tilly, Peoria, IL
• David Joseph Seneres, CSM, City of Archdale, Archdale, NC
• Will Stockard, CSM, City of Oakland, Oakland, CA
• Jonathan Wilson, CSM, City of Eugene, Eugene, OR

The APWA Stormwater Manager Certification program is conducting computer-based testing in Canada in 2011. Computer-based testing  is now available in 2011 at over  170 sites in the United States and Canada.  For more information about APWA’s Certified Stormwater Manager program visit APWA’s website at www.apwa.net/certification or contact Becky Stein at bstein@apwa.net. For APWA media queries, please contact Laura Bynum, Media Relations Manager, at lbynum@apwa.net, or call 202.218.6736.

APWA Announces 15 New Certified Public Infrastructure Inspectors in North America
Fifteen new certified public works professionals have recently earned credentials as Certified Public Infrastructure Inspectors (CPII) from the the American Public Works Association (APWA). The CPII program recognizes the individual demonstration of public infrastructure professionalism, expertise and personal dedication to advancing services in the community, as well as highlighted professional leadership in North America.

The CPII certification is intended for individuals that inspect the construction of public infrastructure, (e.g. roadways, highways, utilities, bridges, dams), and facilities, (e.g. pump stations, treatment plants, water storage facilities) and other types of construction work and materials to ensure compliance with plans and specifications.

“The APWA Public Infrastructure Inspector Certification program promotes the construction of quality infrastructure throughout the community by advancing the knowledge and practice of construction inspection to benefit the community and public agencies,” said APWA Executive Director Peter B. King. “With the APWA CPII certification, both private and public infrastructure construction employers can ensure that they will receive competent, experienced, and well-trained construction inspectors. The benefits go ultimately to the community, by providing recognized hiring and promotion standards that will lead to an improved workforce and improved delivery of services,” King said. “This recent certified group has demonstrated their expertise and they are commended for their achievement.”

Since its inception, a total of 191U.S. and Canadian public infrastructure professionals have received the CPII certification. Recent APWA Certified Public Infrastructure Inspectors include:

June 6-17, 2011 Certifications
• Joey Anderson, CPII, Robinson Engineering, South Holland, IL
• Douglas Breshock, CPII, Robinson Engineering, South Holland, IL
• Nathan Brooks, CPII, Peachtree City Water Sewerage Authority, Peachtree City, GA
• Stan Ferguson, CPII, City of Parksville, Parksville, BC, Canada
• Darren Frawley, CPII, Bollinger, Lach, & Associates, Itasca, IL
• Brandon Hancock, CPII, City of Owasso, Owasso, OK
• Michael Kellogg, CPII, Robinson Engineering Ltd, South Holland, IL
• John Leasure, CPII, City of Rockville, Rockville, MD
• Louis Martirano, CPII, Town of Mamaroneck, Mamaroneck, NY
• Daniel Nason, CPII, City of Ayer, Ayer, MA
• Pat Stevens, CPII, City of Richmond, Richmond, CA

September 12-23, 2011 Certifications
• Jennifer Grazier, CPII, Ciorba Group, Chicago, IL
• Jason Props, CPII, JP Drafting Inc., San Jose, CA
• Eric Spina, CPII, Ciorba Group, Inc., Chicago, IL
• John Whitfield, CPII, Owen & White, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA

The Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector (CPII) computer-based testing is now available at over 170 sites in the United States and Canada. For more information about the 2011 exam schedule, please visit: http://www.apwa.net/credentialing/certification/.
For more information on the CPII Certification program, please contact Certification Manager Becky Stein at (816) 595-5212 or bstein@apwa.net. For APWA media queries, please contact Laura Bynum, Media Relations/Communications Manager at lbynum@apwa.net or call 202.218.6736.

For more information on the American Public Works Association, please visit www.apwa.net. For media queries, contact APWA
Media Relations Manager, Laura Bynum, lbynum@apwa.net, or call 202.218.6736.

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