PIXIA and PV Labs partner on COPSS – ‘Your Eye in the Sky’

Sterling, Virginia – October 27, 2011 – PIXIA Corp., an industry leader in BIG data access solutions, and PV Labs Inc., a high-end image acquisition and analytics company, today jointly announced their newest integrated offering: Commercially Operated Persistent Surveillance Solution (COPSS). COPSS provides customers a commercial turnkey solution to Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) collection, processing and dissemination. A low-cost daily pricing model provides a rapid access, end-to-end commercial solution for public and private sector customers such as law enforcement, border patrol, federal emergency management officials and private companies.

“Through this exciting partnership between PV Labs and PIXIA, we are offering a robust commercial WAMI solution to public and private sector customers alike via an affordable and flexible cost model,” says Rudi Ernst, Chief Technology Officer for PIXIA Corp.

PIXIA’s HiPER STARE™ product is a data access solution used to catalog, organize and share large volumes of WAMI data within a cloud-based architecture. Using PIXIA’s PaaS Technology as a core foundation for high performance and scalability, consumers can access data at speeds beyond standard disk I/O. HiPER STARE provides SaaS Apps and data consumers, access to WAMI data via Open Geospatial Consortium web services and a cloud file system (CFS).

“PIXIA and PV Labs have teamed up to offer rental and purchase packages designed to provide customers with wide area data within weeks-lead-times. The industry’s most advanced hardware and software WAMI technologies are now available on a purchase-order basis, allowing users to access and disseminate this valuable data to end users at will,” adds Dr. Eiji Yafuso, PV Labs’ Chief Technology Officer.

The PV Labs’ Tactical Content Management System (tCMS) acquires, processes, ortho-rectifies and maps PSI Vision WAMI data in real-time during acquisition, and provides a data interface via a decoder API for real-time exploitation on airborne platforms. A flexible customer interface offers seamless integration with existing Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) infrastructure and when combined with PIXIA’s dissemination capabilities, creates a rapid and scalable space-time-searchable intelligence capability.

About PIXIA Corp.
PIXIA Corp. is the industry leader in high-performance scalable data access solutions for a variety of high-volume data problems such as Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI), Full Motion Video (FMV), and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Data. Its core technology focuses on increased storage I/O, data management and interoperability to power BIG data to be accessed anywhere within a Cloud environment. PIXIA’s three product lines, HiPER STARE™, HiPER WATCH™ and HiPER LOOK™, provide a broad range of options to address geospatial and video enterprise storage needs.

About PV Labs
PV Labs Inc. designs, develops and manufactures high-end image acquisition and analytics solutions for security & surveillance applications. World leaders in specialized aerial camera systems for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, PV Labs offers solutions in persistent wide area surveillance, hyperspectral imaging and intelligence data gathering.