LightSquared Compatible from JAVAD GNSS

LightSquared, in addition to being a giant step forward in wireless communication, it also is a valuable compliment to GNSS. It can provide reliable, fast and inexpensive communication channels for RTK applications.

Existing high precision GNSS receivers were not designed with LightSquared in mind and do not have protective filters. Javad GNSS has developed solutions to ensure your systems are compatible with LightSquared.

"LightSquared is excited about our collaboration with Javad GNSS", said Martin Harriman, executive vice president of ecosystem development and satellite business at LightSquared. "We are confident the solutions he and his team bring to the marketplace will enable coexistence and unleash innovative applications in the wireless space."

To solve this compatibility challenge, we added protective filters to all of our designs.

All we ship today are LightSquared compatible or eligible for free retrofit. We also offer to retrofit our existing receivers for $300 to $800, depending on the model.

We extend our LightSquared retrofit offer to receivers made by other manufacturers as well. We offer not only to retrofit them to be LightSquared compatible; but we can also upgrade them to receive new GPS, GLONASS, and/or Galileo signals. All existing receivers that cannot track new GPS signals (L1C, L2C, L5) will soon be obsolete.

If you own a high precision GNSS receiver from another manufacturer and want to make them LightSquared compatible and/or upgrade them to receive new GPS signals fill the form below.

We have also invented a unique solution for timing applications in which we dynamically compensate for group delay variations with the accuracy of better than 100 picoseconds. We are developing techniques to reduce this to better than 10 picoseconds.

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