SuperGeo Launches SuperPad 3.0a, Updates SuperField 3, and Announces SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 for Android

SuperGeo Officially Launch SuperPad 3.0a
SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, today announced that its latest fully functional mobile GIS software, SuperPad 3.0a, is officially launched to global market.

SuperPad 3 consists of comprehensive and complete GIS functions, which integrates mapping, GIS, and GPS functions with hand-held devices and assists field surveyors in collecting, editing, and measuring spatial data in an easy and effective way. Besides in addition to enhancing the original functions, the latest version of SuperPad 3 also improves the integration with SuperGIS Server 3, supports creating Graphics Layer, Laser Rangefinder extension, and reading Cached Map.

1. Integration with SuperGIS Server 3: SuperPad 3.0a supports to edit the map distributed by SuperGIS Server 3, which allows multi-users to read, add, edit features and attribute data, and synchronize map data. It helps users manage the files effectively and avoid losing data from overwriting the files.

2. Creating Graphics Layer: On Graphics Layer, users can add various kinds of graphics at the same layer, including point, polyline, polygon graphics, and texts so that users can rapidly record the information.

3. Laser Rangefinder Extension: SuperPad 3.0a supports to work with LaserCraft Contour XLR and TruPulse360/360B to measure in the field. Users can use GPS position as datum or use reference point as datum to get the centroid information, such as Slope Distance, Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance, etc.

4. Reading Cached Map: SuperPad 3.0a supports to read the Cached Map (*.sgt) generated by SuperGIS Map Tile Tool to greatly improve the map performance. SGT file is not editable but contains spatial information. In that case, the map performance on mobile device will not be influenced while reading large quantities of vector layers.

Moreover, SuperPad 3.0a can work with SuperGIS Desktop 3 and SuperGIS Server 3 to complete the effective GIS workflow and improve the work efficiency. About the details and the free trial of SuperPad 3.0a, please visit our website As to the list of bug fixed in the latest version, please refer to SuperGeo GIS Forum

SuperGeo Updates Task-oriented Mobile GIS—SuperField 3
SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, today announced that SuperField 3, the light weight mobile GIS application, is updated and released worldwide. SuperField 3 is designed as a task-oriented mobile GIS and seen as the finest GIS solution for surveyors to easily manipulate and collect spatial data.

SuperField 3 and SuperPad 3 both belong to the mobile GIS product line of SuperGIS Software. The former provides full and basic GIS functions to help surveyors complete the survey tasks. The latter offers advanced and full-functioned GIS tools and allows surveyors to synchronize the survey data with geodatabase through the Internet. 

SuperField 3 is the most economical mobile GIS application for the users who need to manipulate with basic GIS functions, such as adding, editing, measuring, and querying spatial data. GPS functions are also included for positioning and navigation. Simple and user-friendly interface is one of the key features of SuperField 3; users can efficiently accomplish the survey tasks with the GIS and GPS functions.

In addition, SuperField 3 provides flexibly customized functions. Considering the frequently-used functions, Geosystem Ing S.A.S, a famous GPS device vendor based in Colombia, Central America, cooperated with SuperGeo Technologies to customize the mobile software, SuperField 3. Re-named Geosystem GPS/GIS, the customized application combines the existing functions in SuperField 3 and also contains several GPS and mapping functions which are additionally developed to meet the end user’s needs.

SuperField 3 is also the best choice for GPS mobile device vendors to provide a turnkey solution for surveyors and mobile GIS users. For more information of SuperField 3, please visit or go to on SuperGeo website

SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 (Android Version) Released Globally
SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, today announced that the latest SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 for Android platform is now officially released worldwide.

SuperGIS Mobile Tour is the mobile GIS application especially designed for tourism. SuperGIS Mobile Tour Manager is the main feature of this product, which allows users to create tour project files (*.smt) as many times as you like. Users can design different theme project files by setting, rearranging, and managing tour information.

Structured on Android platform, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 not only displays the scenic spot information and images, play audios, and videos through the Internet, but also can browse the web map clearly. While SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 is activated off-line, it can still play the multimedia files on the mobile device.

Adopting the MapCache technologies, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 can display the pre-generate map (cached map, .*sgt) so that the overall performance of SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 has been greatly enhanced. 

SuperGIS Mobile Tour supports to read multiple project files, which allows users to define different sets of scenic spots, maps, and biological information. Moreover, SuperGIS Mobile Tour, integrated with GPS, GIS, AR technologies, enables users to intuitively tap the panel to gain the information they need.

Besides, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 is able to remind tourists that they are approaching the dangerous area or deviating from the route. Therefore, SuperGIS Mobile Tour 3.0.1 (Android Version) is the best solution for scenic spot introduction, campus introduction, and eco-tourism services, etc. 

Languages supported for user interface include English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. More languages will be included in the future.

For more information and the trial software, please visit or download the free trial at

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