Increased Productivity, Versatility for Leica ScanStation C10 & C5 Laser Scanners

(Norcross, 3 October 2011) Building on the success of its industry-leading Leica ScanStation C10 and C5 laser scanners, Leica Geosystems announced advanced, onboard and handheld scanner control firmware (v2.6) that provides increased High-Definition Surveying™ productivity and versatility benefits for as-built and topographic surveys.

The productivity and versatility advantages of self-contained ScanStation C10 & C5 scanners have already made them the best selling scanners in the history of Leica Geosystems – the laser scanning industry’s widely acknowledged leader. With new V2.6 firmware, users can now take advantage of valuable onboard and handheld workflow options and professional field QA tools that had previously only been available when controlling these scanners using Leica Cyclone-SCAN software on a laptop. Now, just using easy onboard or wireless handheld control, users can:
• Accurately establish the scanner’s position -without its tilt compensation enabled- by using 3D (6 parameter) resection. This is valuable when levelling the instrument may not be practical.
• Set convenient “azimuth-based” orientation of the scanner to the site coordinate system; no “target picking” is needed!
• Define multiple scan windows and accurately select targets – even those far from the scanner – from a scan image on the instrument display; this gives professionals added confidence in the field –even when it’s dark – that the scanner captures targets and other detailed features at sufficient density for proper extraction in the office and thus minimizes return visits to the site.
• Conveniently assign a window for scanning a target directly on a video image of the scene on the instrument or handheld display
• Automatically filter scan points based on their distance from the scanner (min/max)
• Export valuable registration details, reports and statistics for registrations automatically computed in the scanner – added reassurance for users “when it has to be right”
• Manage a wide variety of Leica Geosystems and 3rd party scan targets and their offsets
• Rotate the scanner using simple arrow buttons on the video image; with wireless handheld control, such as an iPad, this gives users full remote control of the scanner
• Make touch screen keyboard entries simply using your fingers with a new, 3X larger on-screen virtual keyboard

The new firmware leverages ScanStation C10 & C5’s “continuously upgradeable” system architecture.

“For many thousands of users over the last decade, we’ve developed a very rich set of features for optimally controlling laser scanners in the field using a laptop computer with Cyclone-SCAN software. The newer, self-contained scanner form factor (ScanStation C10 and C5, HDS6200, HDS7000 and other Leica HDS scanners) that doesn’t require a laptop to control the scanner has become extremely popular. So, what we’ve done here is to add many of the rich scanner control and professional field QA features of Cyclone-SCAN software directly into ScanStation C10 & C5 firmware, thus giving professionals the best of both worlds: versatile, confidence-reassuring scanner control with the convenience of onboard display or a handheld controller,” states Hans Tuexsen, Product Manager.

“Ever since we announced ScanStation C10 in the latter part of 2009, the product has been a huge success in the market. It’s proven to be such a versatile and productive scanning instrument for surveyors that even in the first half of this year, 2011, our scanning business orders were higher than for the corresponding period last year – when the C10 was still new and the initial market excitement was still fresh. Our continued business growth in 2011 is largely due to the success that our C10 users have enjoyed and to the fundamental strength and broad appeal of this scanner – which we have now further improved with v2.6 firmware. This is the most advanced set of onboard and handheld scanner control & field QA features in the industry.”

Firmware V2.6 is available as of 3 October on all new ScanStation C10 and C5 scanners and via download as part of standard firmware maintenance support for existing users. Leica Cyclone v7.3 is being announced simultaneously as companion office software to support the new firmware features. 

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