Laser Technology Releases LaserGIS Ver. 1.0.1 for ArcPad

Has Quicker ROI & International Support

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), a Colorado-based laser designer and manufacturer, announces the new LaserGIS™ version 1.0.1 for ArcPad®, a toolbar extension that greatly enhances the data collection workflow by making the process quicker and easier. The new version 1.0.1 is also available in German and French with a localization toolkit now being offered for other international markets.

All ArcPad® users have a huge advantage in receiving the quickest return on their investment because LaserGIS is built on ArcPad’s underlying structure. This simply equates to an extremely short learning curve because they do not need to invest a bunch of time and training on a completely new software program. LaserGIS simply streamlines the workflow when using an LTI TruPulse® measurement and mapping laser. The TruPulse 360 compass laser eliminates the need to occupy a feature’s location and it allows you to remotely measure heights, spans and elevation just by taking a few shots. LaserGIS expedites the process of storing the laser’s positioning and measurements right into ArcPad® with fewer steps and a clear understanding and control as to how you want to manage your data collection.

You can map in multiple objects from one location, with or without GPS, or do a traverse by occupying the location of your last shot. From syncing up your Bluetooth® connection to toggling specific laser preferences, the LaserGIS extension is extremely helpful and will make the entire data collection process easy. Version 1.0.1 also stores and displays additional raw data attributes for magnetic declination, target height and instrument height.

“New technology and software enhancements are great, but if it requires extensive training, the ROI never seems to come quick enough,” says Steve Colburn, Laser Technology National Sales Director. “Some companies are hesitant in adopting anything new because it’s hard enough to capitalize on what they already invested in, so they are discouraged in trying something new. After ArcPad users witness how easy the transition is in using the LaserGIS extension, it will quickly become apparent as to how much time and energy can be saved when collecting field data.”

One of the more useful features in LaserGIS is the ability to quickly map and measure the same type of targets that are all within your sight, such as utility poles or trees. You simply toggle on the auto-accept features and measurement button and just aim and shoot the laser. All the collected data is being automatically stored without ever touching the software. This upgraded version is free to all existing LaserGIS users.
Anyone can watch a 20 minute YouTube video and learn how to collect reliable field data using the TruPulse 360 compass laser. ArcPad® users can visit and download a free demo version of LaserGIS and watch a recorded tech session to learn the basics. For more information and special bundle pricing for the LaserGIS extension and a TruPulse laser, ask your local LTI Authorized Dealer.