Vekta Selects VisionMap A3 Digital Mapping System Camera and Processing System

VEKTA, one of the leading aerial survey companies in Australia, has chosen the VisionMap A3 airborne digital camera and processing system as their primary digital aerial camera. VisionMap A3 digital camera has the largest footprint of 60,000 pixels across track and can collect thousands of km2 a day in high resolution. Together with a fully automatic processing end-to-end workflow it provides AT, DSM, Orthophoto, stereo models and oblique geo-referenced imagery, in a fast turnaround time. Vetka is planning to use the VisionMap A3 system for rapid response and fast imagery collection projects in addition to statewide large area aerial imagery collection projects.

VEKTA has been operating analog survey cameras and LIDAR systems in Australia for many years, and has been evaluating various digital cameras for their next generation aerial camera. "We were looking for a camera that would boost our capabilities to cope with large projects. VisionMap A3 demonstrated not only extraordinary imagery collection efficiency and end-to-end automatic workflow, but it is also very easy to operate in air, and can be easily integrated into our current processing environment. "Said Malcolm McCoy, Managing Director, Vekta.

Regretfully, Australia has experienced several natural disasters during recent years, and aerial survey companies are required to provide accurate, close to real time data for the response and recovery phases.  The A3’s rapid response operation mode enables high resolution imagery collection and processing within 24 hours. Vekta will be able to provide geospatial information and tools on time for any rapid respond scenario.

"We are very pleased by Vekta’s decision to join VisionMap A3’s growing user community. Vekta is an extremely professional and experienced survey company and we are looking forward to providing our services and support to them " Said Yaron Vilan, VisionMap CEO.

About Vekta
Vekta is Australia’s premier survey and spatial company. Formed through the merger of two leading Australian survey firms, Qasco and Survey21, Vekta provides professional surveying consultancy and project services to some of the country’s largest aerial survey projects. With a proud history delivering the needs of clients for over 60 years Vekta has more than 160 staff operating out of eight offices nationally, and unrivaled experience providing aerial, land and engineering survey solutions. Vekta’s ability to combine the use of aerial and land surveying methods and technologies makes them ideally suited to partner on projects on a long term basis to deliver all spatial requirements throughout the project lifecycle.

About VisionMap Ltd.
VisionMap LTD. is a leading provider of state-of-the-art digital automatic aerial survey and mapping systems. The A3 system is a solution comprised of a camera and an automatic ground processing system.  A3 supports coverage of extremely large scale areas, providing accurate, high resolution imagery in RGB& NIR bands, with fast turnaround time from acquisition to final products.  The A3 large format camera design has the largest footprint with 60,000 pixels across and allows flexible operation in altitudes between 3-30k feet, providing typical image acquisition rates of thousands of square kilometers a day. The complementary A3 processing system can automatically process hundreds to thousands of square kilometers a day and provide aerial triangulation, DSM, Orthophoto mosaic and stereo models. VisionMap systems are successfully deployed all over the world.