“Point Clouds in the Cloud:” Getting Lidar Out of Organizational Silos

Putting Highly Accurate Data into the Hands of Those Who Can Benefit From This Valuable Information

Valencia, Spain, Centennial CO, – Why is LiDAR data relegated to organizational silos where only a few individuals in an organization have access to the data and possess the specialized tools, ability and knowledge to utilize, and benefit from, the data?

Unfortunately, the sad truth in the LiDAR business is that the vast majority of LiDAR investment is wasted as it languishes in specialized departments or technology silos where wizards wearing long pointy hats with stars and moons emblazoned upon them are the only ones able to magically generate valuable, and sometimes critical, information.

Imagine the possibilities to get LiDAR data into the hands of those who can benefit the most …. Ultimately, benefiting society and commerce …by putting it into the hands of engineers, geologists, planners, foresters, surveyors and geospatialists.

Dielmo Server Technology puts “Point Clouds in the Cloud” allowing anyone in an organization to access, view, analyze, measure, edit, classify and download LiDAR data with no specialized software, knowledge or training … maximizing their LiDAR investment by leveraging the benefits throughout the organization to all who have a need for this valuable information. Any department within an organization such as GIS, surveying, asset/facility management, environmental, regulatory compliance, and operations can easily access, view, analyze, measure, edit, classify and download files as .las, .dxf, raster and shape file.

Cloud computing provides software, data access, and storage services that do not require end-user knowledge or understanding of component devices required to provide the service. It provides applications via the internet, accessed from a web browser, while the software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. It allows users to add capabilities and increase capacity without investing in new infrastructure, personnel, training or new software.

Have You Seen Your LiDAR, Lately?
Many people in the LiDAR business believe that it is too expensive and difficult for small to medium LiDAR projects to be managed online. Dielmo 3D is changing that dynamic by making it possible for an entire organization, large or small, to benefit from this valuable information for as little as $3,250.

Dielmo 3D’s special introductory pricing for the US market is now as little as $3250. This includes OLX processing of 25 GB of LAS files for a minimum of $1,500 and Hosting Service on a Shared Server of up to 50 GB of data starting at $1,750 for one year. This includes the generation of a website in openlayers to visualize the data, and use the profile client and 3D LiDAR points client.

Dielmo Server Technology allows the visualization of LiDAR data (aerial, mobile and terrestrial), DTM’s and ortho photos using Web Mapping Services (WMS), an OGC standard, to visualize original LiDAR point-cloud data that can be represented in different styles (height, intensity, RGB or classification) without having to distribute the original data.

Dielmo’s 3D Viewer provides outstanding 3D Visualization allowing users to set preferences for display of the 3D point cloud, while the Dielmo LiDAR profile client allows complete analysis of the LiDAR data including editing, measurement and export tools. Dielmo’s web service is able to create an LAS file with only the points inside the selected region returned to the user as a link to a compressed file.

Dielmo’s 3D LiDAR Points Client is open source software that allows the visualization of LiDAR point cloud data in 3D over the internet. Any user, expert or not in LiDAR data, will be able to display a point cloud in 3D online, choose a visualization mode (Height, Intensity, Classification, RGB) and to change the size of the points, all without having expert software for managing LiDAR data. It can easily be integrated in any web browser or GIS software.

It is amazingly easy to get started: All that is necessary is to provide a dataset of LiDAR data (LAS, DTM, DSM, or other raster layers),Dielmo will provide an FTP site to upload the files or put the data on their own FTP, and provide the coordinate system of the data. Dielmo Server Technology allows visualization LiDAR point clouds and orthophotos as a WMS layer inside a website, make profiles on the LiDAR point cloud using the profiles client and display the point cloud in 3D. Datasets can contain high point densities …in some cases more than 1,000 points/sqm providing users the possibility to analyze balconies, traffic signs or electric transmission infrastructure.Optionally, Dielmo can create a 3D virtual globe starting from $3,600.

LiDAR For Entire Region of Murcia, Spain Available Online
Dielmo Server Technology has enabled the Government of Murcia to be the first region in Spain to have a 3D Virtual Globe to visualize, analyze and distribute LiDAR data together with any other geographic information on the internet. Murcia’s web service called LiDARmur allows the visualization of LiDAR point clouds and orthophotos as WMS layers inside a website and makes profiles of the LiDAR point cloud using the profiles client. Any user is able to visualize geographic information and LIDAR data online to analyze heights from objects using the profiles tool, and represent in 3D any element placed on the territory with the 3D Points Client.

Murcia is the first Spanish region to have an online 3D Virtual globe, enabling them to visualize and analyze LiDAR data together with other geographic information for 12,000 sq. Km using Dielmo’s technology to publish LiDAR data online. The site is available in Spanish at http://iderm.imida.es/iderm/. Providing geographic and LiDAR information to users at the same time allowing them to measure any building or terrain and display in 3D any element located in the territory using Dielmo’s profile tools and 3D point cloud tools.

About DIELMO 3D S.L.
Since 2003, DIELMO (DIgitalELevationMOdels) offers a broad range of products and services connected with Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Remote Sensing, and focusing its efforts on internal research projects creating their own technology for production, quality control and distribution of geographic information. DIELMO has become one of the main DTM, digital cartography, acquisition and LiDAR processing and virtual scenarios generation providers in Spain, offering total geographic information solutions and is now in the process of offering their technology to the international community, with distributors of their products and services in Chile, Japan, USA and Oceania. For more information contact: Central Office : C/ Vicente CasabanSena 14 Bajo 46950 Xirivella, Valencia; Tel./Fax: +34 963 137 212; E-mail: dielmo@dielmo.com. Follow them onTwitter and www.dielmo.com

About Spatial Resources
Spatial Resources LLC is the official distributor for Dielmo Server Technology. Spatial Resources is a spatial advisory practice providing information and assistance to organizations in fields that have need for the efficient and effective application of spatial information. They provide customized solutions to aid productivity and ensure efficiency in the following areas: Aerial/Satellite Imagery, Airborne LIDAR, Close-Range Photogrammetry, Mobile LiDAR, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, LIDAR Software, and Physical Scale-Models from GIS Data. For more information, contact Roland Mangold, Spatial Resources, at 720-934-2482, roland.mangold@gmail.com or visit www.spatialresources.com