Redlands Forum Features Ralph Nader

Renowned Consumer Advocate to Discuss How People Can Build a Better Community

Redlands, California—September 20, 2011—The next Redlands Forum will feature prominent consumer advocate, author, and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Along with his sister and social scientist Claire Nader, he will look at what defines a community, why communities are important, and how people can immediately begin improving where they live through civic engagement. This special event will be held at the University of Redlands Memorial Chapel on Thursday, September 29, 2011, at 7:00 p.m.

Ralph has spent much of his life crusading against the wrongdoings he has witnessed in American society. He has fostered positive change through decades of writing, public speaking, and activism. Now he is focusing his passion on building the strength of local communities.

Starting at the global level, both Ralph and Claire Nader will discuss the pace of change in society and the issue of apathy in the world, the United States, and our local communities. They will offer concrete examples of ways to build a better community, including methods they have implemented in their hometown of Winsted, Connecticut. They will discuss the most important concept in developing a community: civic motivation. This includes specific steps people can take to fully explore, understand, and participate in their own communities.

The pair will also talk about how revolutionizing education—moving from simple memorization to true student community participation—is vital to creating a better democracy. Both speakers will outline various tools of civic engagement that are available today for building a better society and democracy, beginning at the community level.

"People can say they’ve been to a restaurant or shopping mall, but how many can say they’ve sat in on a court proceeding or a city hall meeting?" explains Ralph. "Civic engagement can help with community-level economic development, with making sure when a hospital is closed that some health services remain available, or understanding what’s in your local water system or what food your children eat at school."

Redlands Forum presentations are sponsored by Esri and the University of Redlands through the university’s Town & Gown organization. To register for this program or learn more about upcoming Redlands Forum events and speakers, visit or call 909-748-8145.

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