Local Surveyors Help Certify World Record Ice Cream Sundae

The Turner Recreation Commission, in conjunction with the Turner Community Library coordinated an attempt to gain entry into the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest ice cream sundae. With ice cream donations from Belfonte and the assistance of approximately 300 adult and youth volunteers they were able to create an ice cream sundae that was 155 feet long. Fifty five gallons of ice cream, eight pounds of whipped cream, several ounces of chocolate and caramel syrup, two pounds of sprinkles, and several cherries were used for this cool treat. In order to qualify as a world record, Guiness required the measurement to be taken by a professional with experience in measuring techniques and land surveyors certainly fit that description. Schlagel and Associates, a multidiscipline consulting firm based in Lenexa, Kansas welcomed the opportunity to participate and provided a land survey crew to take the official measurement.