Mayrise Maps Out UK Street Lighting Improvements

Gloucestershire, UK, 08 September 2011 – Street lighting software from Mayrise Systems is being used to map and manage 130,000 street lights in the UK following the award of two new Private Finance Initiative (PFI) concessions. The contracts, awarded to Balfour Beatty by Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils, are valued at GBP 203 million and GBP 230 million respectively and include the installation of new lighting stock and maintenance for the next 25 years. The MAYRISE street lighting management system will be integrated with remote monitoring technology to allow automatic dimming of street lights and signs and improved asset management.
“These are our fifth and sixth PFI street lighting concessions and we now manage in excess of 250,000 lit assets using Mayrise software,” commented Paul Stoddart, Systems, Planning and Asset Manager, Balfour Beatty Street Lighting PFI Business. “Projects in Coventry, Sunderland, South Tyneside and Derby are all proceeding successfully and we are confident that Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire will follow suit.”
“Mayrise are continually developing their solutions for example the integration of Mayrise software with remote monitoring technology, which allows us to predict and deliver significant savings in energy consumption as well as automated fault reporting and improved asset management,” Stoddart continued, “Other upgrades, such as spatial analysis tools with Mayrise’s mapping software, help us effectively target resources and make informed decisions and manage risk.”
Mayrise Systems has recently developed a sophisticated interface between Telensa’s remote monitoring and central control system and it’s own street lighting management software. The integrated system will allow lit assets to be remotely controlled with, for example, lights dimmed as the sun begins to rise or ‘turned up’ for public events. The system aims to reduce light pollution and provide significant reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as enabling automatic fault reporting potentially reducing the need for costly and timely inspections.
Handling cyclic maintenance, fault management, electrical testing and financial control Mayrise Street Lighting also links to corporate GIS and portable computers for field data entry and mapping.