ClearEdge3D Ships EdgeWise Plant 2.0

Now supports large projects with ability to process up to 1,000 laser scans and unlimited points

Herndon, Virginia — September 6, 2011 — ClearEdge3D today released EdgeWise™ Plant™ 2.0, software that automates the extraction of complex CAD pipe geometry from 3D laser scanned data, dramatically reducing time to create accurate as-built 3D industrial plant models.

ClearEdge3D aims to broaden the appeal of EdgeWise Plant to organizations working with as-built data, such as scanning and as-built documentation bureaus engineering companies, and Owner/Operators via:
• Unlimited scan processing power makes EdgeWise 2.0 suitable for projects large and small. EdgeWise will process up to 1,000 scans at once with unlimited data. Scans can be batch-loaded and run overnight, which can reduce time-to-model by more than 50%.
• EdgeWise Model Import Utility for AutoCAD and MicroStation. Models created in EdgeWise can be easily imported directly into AutoCAD or MicroStation using our Model Import Utility which is installed with EdgeWise Plant 2.0.  This Model Import Utility is a plug-in that allows AutoCAD and MicroStation to directly read EdgeWise .c3m files and start working with the EdgeWise models as native data.
• Better CAD and laser scanner integration. EdgeWise 2.0 exports DWG, DXF, ACIS SAT, and COE file formats, making it easy to bring as-built data into virtually any 3D plant CAD system. The product also works seamlessly with laser scanners from Leica, FARO, Topcon, Z&F, Surphaser, Reigl, and Trimble FX.
• Scan-volume pricing. Pricing is based on the size of the project or the volume of scans processed with EdgeWise Plant, making it affordable on all-size projects.  Companies can get started with EdgeWise Plant for a little as $995.

How EdgeWise Works
EdgeWise Plant uses complex algorithms to identify essential surfaces in a point cloud, discarding irrelevant data and extracting solid, accurate feature-geometry.  It eliminates the need to manually trace pipes, walls, joins, and other features, and can automatically process and extract hundreds of pipes (including centerlines),  and other complex plant geometry in minutes. The extracted pipes can be finished in EdgeWise and exported via numerous file formats into any CAD package for final modeling.  To try the software free of charge on your own data set, download a trial version here:!try-it-free .

Beta Customer Quotes
Stantec Geomatics Ltd. – Power Plant Upgrade in Saskatchewan, Canada:
“Stantec reduced modeling time by over 50% with Edgewise Plant 2.0’s new automated cylinder extraction and mega batch processing, and greatly reduced redundant pipe modeling, allowing for a quicker turnaround of the final deliverable to our client. At the end of the project it was determined that Edgewise Plant is not only beneficial in congested areas but within an entire project. Our future projects will use Edgewise Plant throughout.” – Kevin Grover, ALS, P.Eng., Practice Lead, Stantec Geomatics Ltd.

“EdgeWise Plant 2.0 opens up exciting opportunities for our clients. I think we have a very solid solution for those looking to get into 3D pipe modeling.” Richard Hill, Laser Scanning Sales and Support, The PPI Group (reseller)

For more information please contact Tim Lowery, Vice President Business Development at or call in the U.S. +1 866-944-8210 x704.

About ClearEdge3D
ClearEdge3D was founded in 2006 by two recognized experts and thought leaders in the field of computer vision, Automated Feature Extraction, and LIDAR data analysis.  The company’s flagship products EdgeWise Plant™ and EdgeWise Building™ are utilized by the top engineering firms world-wide to optimize their scan-to-model workflow. The company is privately-held and headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.